Shite sandwich pedlars Subway are cunts for bowing to towelhead pressure and discontinuing selling pork products and replacing other meats with halal only meat in areas in Britain. Halal slaughter is a disgusting practice that should be fucking banned. If you don’t dine on swine then cunt off to a CUNTry that does!

Nominated by: Occams Razor

One thought on “Subway

  1. Every branch run by cuntish mini-manager types who treat their young employees like shit. One of my stepdaughters works for them (her first job) and how she sticks it I have no idea. Offered to march into the place and chin the cunt of a manager but have been forbidden to do so by her mum. Being a Yank company the fuckers are probably paying about 75p in tax each year too… cunts.

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