Telesales and telemarketing people are cunts.

Just when I’ve sat down on the lav for a good stiff shit, one of these cunts phones up with some “unmissable offer”, thus spoiling my enjoyment of the moment. Just fuck off you cunts, if I want something, then I’ll get it from the shops. I don’t need some spotty faced cunt telling me what a great product or service they have, I’d much rather spend my spare time in the best, most rewarding and long lasting way, by a complete evacuation of my healthy bowel.

“Have you claimed your PPI back yet?” – No, but I’ve just squeezed out an enormous log, you cunt !

Nominated by: who put the cunt in scunthorpe

2 thoughts on “Telesales

  1. The best way to get rid of them and get put on the ‘do not call list’ is to talk like a Londoner.

    So when they introduce themselves and identify they are call-centre tards, say, “Lardy lardy do di dardy!”
    continue .,.
    “ax mi bout dem tings”
    “gibs mi dat”
    “muggy fuggy dis mi mammy!”
    “ix it far de chillens?”
    “ooky eeky wart deevils!”

  2. I recently read of a man who “alarmed” his bike with a mobile phone and a stun gun, initialy I thought it was an amazing idea to be able to track your stolen bicycle and eletricute the theif from a safe distance at your pleasure.
    Then I thought of the risk of teli sales calls to the cell phone and the ramification on the bike owner………….This in turn made me think of the IED’s littering many countries that in turn are activated by cellphones, and the occasional “own goals”. so although annoying, telesales are doing their bit for humanity and making the world a safer place.

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