Neil Oliver


Ugly ageing long haired gimlet eyed jocko presenter cunt to be seen fronting things historical and fanatically pro-jocko.

Precisely the type of cunt me forebears would have had stretched upon the rack and put to the question for a few days. Then slit his belly and have him paraded around his home town clutching his own guts before adjourning to the nearest gibbet and hanging him slowly for the amusement of the populace and to the distress of his loved ones.

On his tortured demise his nearest and dearest would be accorded the privilege of cutting the cunt down before the regimental hounds were set upon his entrails. The cunt’s relatives could then purchase the remains of his carcase for five shillings (in retrospect a mistake to be so merciful) and allowed to consign it to an unmarked grave. Example made.

English rule at its finest.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

16 thoughts on “Neil Oliver

  1. I nominate Euan Blair.

    This feckless cunt, the progeny of Blairzebub himself and the unholy union of a Scouse communist and a bear trap, is up for being parachuted into the safe Labour seat of Bootle. Labour in Liverpool is an oxymoron as no cunt has a fucking job. The short arse fucktard went from being caught underage drinking to working for Morgan Stanley, a bunch of banker cunts, and now wants to get his snout in the MP trough. Aggressive arse cancer is too good for this pampered twat.

  2. Neil Oliver looks like Baldrick’s twin brother….

    Any Blair is a cunt, and Alf Garnett was right about that “Ignorant Scouse Git!”

  3. Let’s rebuild Hadrian’s wall and put machine guns on it.

    Gordon Brown is a Scotch cunt – pure fucking evil.
    Tony Blair is a Scotch cunt – pure fucking evil.
    Kirsty Wark and her giant hole are scotch cunts – pure fucking evil.

    cunts cunts cunts – these scotch cunts are no better than American ice-skating pedophiles.

    • Agreed. That fat bastard Salmond, half brother to “jabba the hut”, is so eager to be free of English domination, that he can almost smell the hoped for North sea oil revenues. Presumably the proceeds of which will fund a host of drug and alcohol dependancy programmes for the hairy arsed neds.
      On a seperate note, can we please nominate that cheap skand and talentless gappy toothed bimbo Amanda Holden? Anyone who has shagged her way from being the spouse of a 2nd rate comedian, through a host of events and acts designed to promote nothing but self promotion, deserves a cunting.

      • Agreed, she’s a cunt…Mind you I’d still like to give her one up the fish factory.

    • I nominate Kiddy Jock Strap as being an utterly geographically illiterate thick cunt as he appears to want to cede most of Northumbria and some of Cumbria to Scotland. Someone tell the rancid dimwitted bigoted bastard that Hadrians wall does not mark the Border.

  4. The entire British establishment are cunts.

    If they’re not fiddling their fucking expenses or finding new ways to screw up the lives of ordinary working people, then they are covering up the actions of predatory paedophiles. The worst thing about this 1970s child sex scandal is how many people fucking knew about the actions of cunts like Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith. Christ, being abused would be bad enough but being abused by that fat, northerner cunt would have been hideous.

    The establishment cocksuckers at the BBC let that fat cunt Salmond get away with racist shit that, had Nigel Farage (also a cunt) said it, they would be coming down on him like a ton of fucking bricks? Why are UKIP (total and utter cunts) always lumped together with the BNP and the French National Front when the most poisonous racism in British politics comes from the bastard SNP?

    The Tories are all cunts. Cameron only allows upper class cunts he bummed at Eton into his Cabinet. The fact that the media (all of whom are establishment cunts) takes seriously the idea of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister just shows that talent, intelligence or the ability to not talk out of your fucking arse has no place in 21st century Britain. The only thing that matters is that you spent your formative years slamming your cock in refrigerator doors with other inbred cunts at private schools run by child-abusing fucktards.

    Labour are no better, “workers” party full of human rights lawyers (CUNTS) and associated pseudo-intellectuals who have never done a day’s work in their lives. The best way to get a safe seat in today’s Labour? Be the the offspring of some cunt who has already had their snout in the trough for years.

    The whole system is irredeemably corrupt and cuntish. We need a French-style Reign of Terror followed by a Chinese-style Cultural Revolution.

    Wipe out this vermin!

  5. ‘pseudo-intellectuals’

    I read that as peado-intellectuals, which wouldn’t be too far off the mark either

  6. Cunt’s Mate Cunt is probably another one of those Scottish cunts and should probably fuck of back to cunty scotland with the other jock cunts!!!

    Even if he isn’t a smelly jock I bet my overpriced London house that he isn’t English but living here in England. In which case just another cunt biting the hand that feeds him and should probably do everyone a favour and fuck off back to the land of cunts he came from.

    • All the Jocks living here who want to frolic merrily in the paradise that fat old alec has promised tem should do so and vote for an independant Scotland. Frankly, they can bugger up their economy to their hearts content as far as I’m concerned and as long as they don’t expect the rest of the UK to bail them out when thet shit inevitably hits the fan, then good riddance. The Welsh can follow suit if they so wish. It would at the very least, save the taxpayer money in translating every bit of official paper into their halfwit language.

        • Another of the Internet pedants I cunted a while ago I see. Yes, of course you are quire right, I made a typographical error. For that I bow and scrape unreservedly. Bigoted though? No just tired of all those tossers who suddenly have become Nationalists overnight after years of enjoying the benefits of being part of the UK.

    • Dear Mr Cunterson,

      I don’t object to you calling me a cunt or disagreeing with my nomination. That’s your prerogative. But I object in the extreme to you calling me Scuntish! That’s fucking low, brother. I can reassure you of my lack of ginger whingeing blood going back at least to 1066.

      Please check out my cunting of the SNP. Or not, you cunt.

  7. Radio 4 are cunts. And mostly Scottish cunts. James ‘Nockerty’…It’s Naughty you cunt. Sarah ‘How long can I string out this question for’ McGregor plus a fist full of other snippy accented, expatriate, enjoying the life down south, fried Mars-bar scoffing, booze raddled, ‘Rabbie’ Burns quoting toss pots whos’ names if I try and remember will make me chainsaw my face off. And Mull of Kintyre can fuck right off. Enough already.

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