Pets at Home


Pets at Home is a huge nationwide pet supermarket run by a bunch of cunts.

These cunts are selling off rescue cats and dogs that they got from the RSPCA and the Battersea Dogs Home and trousering the dosh. What a bunch of cunts.

But not as big a bunch of cunts as the charities that supply to them to flog on. Animal welfare organisations have fought for years to keep dogs and cats out of pet shops and you no longer see puppies and kittens in shop windows. So what’s changed?

Bloody hypocrites!

Nominated by: Catwoman

13 thoughts on “Pets at Home

  1. Blatant Hypocrisy, that the recent crackdown on illegal puppy farming failed to, or more accurately turned a blind eye to organisations such as pets at home. Run by staff who have not had proper training in animal welfare, with some investigations revealing neglect and abuse. People are stupid cunts though, buying a cat or dog for their spoiled offspring from a company who does not ask questions and will sell them a full package of food, toys, bedding etc. is so much easier than being asked awkward questions as to how they can look after the animal.

    • There is one of those establishments in the vicinity of Stoke Towers. Went in there for shampoo for me vulture Gristle (decidely whiffy bird) and any special offers on vulture food. Spotty kids at the till knew bugger all. Had bugger all. If I had known they stocked ex RSPCA rescue cats and dogs I would have got some of those for him. He does like his fresh kill.

  2. Neil Oliver

    Ugly ageing long haired gimlet eyed jocko presenter cunt to be seen fronting things historical and fanatically pro-jocko. Precisely the type of cunt me forebears would have had stretched upon the rack and put to the question for a few days. Then slit his belly and have him paraded around his home town clutching his own guts before adjourning to the nearest gibbet and hanging him slowly for the amusement of the populace and to the distress of his loved ones. On his tortured demise his nearest and dearest would be accorded the privilege of cutting the cunt down before the regimental hounds were set upon his entrails. The cunt’s relatives could then purchase the remains of his carcase for five shillings (in retrospect a mistake to be so merciful) and allowed to consign it to an unmarked grave. Example made. English rule at its finest.

  3. A little black girl caught TB off a cat (and it was a black cat). Will the racism ever stop?

    That bald honey, Doreen Lawrence, should be give a million pounds and awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for this.

    Racist cat bastards.

  4. A stray black cat was on our dustbin one winter morning, and he wouldn’t move. I let him in for some food as he was starving, and then phoned the RSPCA to see if they could look after him… All I got was “We don’t take strays. Only rescues” (but isn’t helping a starving stray cat rescuing him What the fuck is the difference?!), and that they would have to kill him if he was taken to them (words to that effect).I told them to fuck right off and I kept him. He was named Sammy, and he was great. But he only lasted a year with me: as he had failing kidneys and problems with his stomach. I was gutted when I discovered how ill he was. Some tightarsed cunt probably threw him out because they wouldn’t pay the vets bills to help him! And those RSPCA cunts did fuck all for the little fellah… So fuck them!

    PETA are corrupt cunts as well…

    • My mate worked for the RSPCA as a volunteer. He says the RSPCA workers were sodomizing cats and dogs, and then cooking them alive to sell as kebabs on a Saturday night to slags.

  5. RSPCA are cunts who are more interested in prosecuting people than helping animals. Cunts of the highest order

    • They actually have little in the way of any real powers, prosecutions are hard to get and those they DO manage to successfully prosecute, get little more than a smack on the wrist, thanks to our liberal do-gooder, faggot judicial system that favours the criminal.

  6. Prosecutions do not help the animal. Support a charity that help the animal, rather than prosecute the owner. RSPCA are only interested in getting publicity through winning high profile cases. Cunts

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