Marks and Spencers have a towel head at the checkout who refused to serve a local buying Pork and Booze as its not in accordance to the Koran. What do they do? Sack the cunt? No…

Bring out an accepting rule that no Muslim needs to serve Pork or Alcohol to anyone, they can refuse them. Also goes for Camel Jockeys selling provocative clothing.

Fucking let down. Sack the trouble making cunts, and send them back to the halal butchers.

Nominated by: King Cunt

6 thoughts on “M&S

  1. I do wonder where all this political correctness, pandering to belief and moral standards is going. Will we see I wonder, Christians refusing to serve morally unacceptable magazines, or vegetarians refusing to handle products made from animal, or Hindu;s opting out of selling beef? I’ve nothing against someones beliefs, no matter how deluded they are, until it reaches a point where those beliefs conflict with the law, their employment or impinge on those of the majority. Clearly if the job entails something that is unacceptable to the person involved, they simply should resign and find a job that suits their beliefs.

    • Indeed. If thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out. I hate using religious imagery. But in this case I will make an exception. Basically the employee should do their job and if they don’t, for whatever reason, sacked, Best to screen these daft cunts out at interview. Other than that I suggest burning them in one huge, mass conflagration.

  2. As usual, you cunts got it all wrong!
    The friendly and courteous cashier was merely reminding the local that no REAL local worth his or her salt would deign to present at a checkout for the purposes of actually purchasing pork and booze, or anything else for that matter. A REAL local would thieve it!


    • Cuddles: Fucking yawny, yawny. You can be such a tedious cunt at times. But I do believe you look great in a tight top. I imagine you as small but pert. Woof, woof. Down Eingar.

      • It’s “Yawny, yawny, cunt, cunt!”

        Get it fucking right

        “…….small but pert……”?

        Fuck off!

        And what is wrong with being a tedious cunt? Especially here?

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