Bob Crow [4]


‘Red’ Bob Crow. Mahogany skinned, holidaying whilst London grinds to a halt, earns far more than almost all his fee paying union members.

A 24 carat solid gold cunt of the highest order.

Nominated by: Occam’s Razor

14 thoughts on “Bob Crow [4]

  1. Typical of his leftie, money for nothing, arrogant ilk. You only have to look at his dumb bastard face to see what a cunt he is.

  2. Excellent cunting sir. Bob crow is a cunt’s cunt. Only Len McCluskey is a bigger cunt. This arrogant sack of shite really deserves a good beating. How can he claim to be for the working person when he has a six figure salary, perks coming out of his fat arse, and he lives in a rented council house, subsidised by RMT members? Mind you, if they’re thick enough to let him get away with it, they deserve to have him piss all over them.

  3. Frankly, I don’t know this cunt. But he looks like a right twat. He is also fat and lives in a council house. Doubly condemned. He also be a lard arse of the first water. Arse, big fat arse. I don’t think I would burn this man. Perhaps just a light searing would be in order.

  4. There are some cunts in the world – like Iain Duncan Smith, Michael Gove and Elton John, for example – whose enormous cuntitude is so immediately and sickeningly apparent that it requires no further elaboration and cannot be stated and re-stated often enough. PIERS MORGAN belongs on this list too, but I think it’s also worth taking a moment to gloat at his recent sacking from the US talk show he hosted. Morgan’s screen presence and interview technique makes Jeremy Kyle look like David Frost. The former tabloid cunt has been boasting for months of his lavish lifestyle, trousering small fortunes for brown-nosing the rich and famous. And now it’s all come crashing down. Morgan Le Cunt has been trying to spin his departure as being related to his stance on US gun laws, but this is fooling no one. The Americans might be race of obese fucktards, but even they can recognise a smug British Uber Cunt when they see one and they’ve sent him packing pretty sharpish. So Morgan has now received TWO high profile sackings: one from the Daily Mirror (for faking front page photos) and another from CNN (for being a smug and hated cunt). Let’s hope this odious, talentless, unemployed and unemployable abortion makes it a hat trick by topping the Dead Pool sometime soon.

    • So many cunts to choose from…at this moment, I’d cheerfully nominate Vladimir Putin, Warmongering cunt of the first magnitude above any of the cunts listed above.

  5. Interesting fashion note: how the baseball cap has become headgear of choice for your corrupt commie dictator cunt – Crow, Scargill, dear Bobs Mugabe and Maxwell, Kim Wrong-un et al.

  6. Nasty old style lefty apparatchik cunt. I could just imagine him swaggering around in jackboots and leggings if the lefties had managed to get into power here. Stuffing his fat face while the rest stood in breadlines,telling them that they now lived in paradise while making it illegal for them to strike. Ironic that the thing that made him so intimidating, (his ‘beefy’ appearance) was the very thing that put an end to him. Arrogant cunt might have thought he was above the laws of men. He wasn’t above the laws of nature though, was he?

  7. Hurrah. The dispicable little commie cunt has craoked.
    For God’s sake don’t cremate him – there’s enough blubber there to cause a major fire.

  8. I was soo pleased when this twat died. Total justice. The fucking cunt would strike over 30 hour weeks and 8 weeks holiday/year for dumb tubd drivers on high wages whilst I was working 70 hours/week. Soooo glad he died, dispicable man who loved the scum of all foitball clubs Millwall. May he truly rot in hell. I spit on his grave. Rest in hell fucker.

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