Tony Blair [4]


Tony Blair – the cunt did a creepy fake Princess Die type memorial speech for the big pig cunt Sharon.

They caught the cunt bumming the dead body in the coffin when they went to throw it on the fire.

Nominated by: Sherry

( and since when did the cunt become Jewish and wear a skull cap? Thought he was a closet Kafflik? )

8 thoughts on “Tony Blair [4]

  1. A cunt of epic proportions. This fucker is a dangerous psychopath that needs locking up for the good of mankind. No wonder he was mates with Ariel Sharon. Cunt!

  2. There are few people on this Earth I loathe more than Teflon Tone and his bear-trap mouthed, legal aid profiteering harridan of a wife. Only nonces spring to mind. Cunt just doesn’t quite cover the sheer effrontery of this champagne socialist who’s continued to feather his nest after leaving politics and this country in its worst state since the end of WW2. If there were any justice, the cunt should be in the Tower of London at Her Maj’s pleasure for treason, being bummed by Romanian beggars for a shilling a time until he’s squared the national debt.

  3. “being bummed by Romanian beggars for a shilling a time until he’s squared the national debt. ”

    Delicious thought that!. A good rogering by a gang of Romanians would at least wipe the smile off his smug face. Perhaps Cheri might like to join him in repaying the debt too

  4. Don’t mention “Sherry” Blair’s name – I get redder and redder every time I think of the slot-mouthed slapper.

  5. Hang on a minute… there must be a good joke in there somewhere…

    “.. there was a murdering Catholic cunt and a murdering Jewish cunt at a funeral….”

  6. So Blair performs an ungentlemanly act towards Murdochs wife and mother of his godchildren .or to put it another way more suited to tony ,A cunt fucked another cunts cunt that should have been fucked by the cunt it was intended to be fucked by,now we have one cunt fucking another cunt and making a cunt out of a third and fourth cunt ,The original cunt got fed up with fucking the cunt of the cunt he married , there by also making a cunt of that cunt,and made a big cunt out of the the cunt that married the cunt that the biggest cunt was fucking . Tony really is a cunt.

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