Froggie Frackers

France Total

So we are to be Fracked by the Frogs. Cameron has secretly been bulling on with fracking and has awarded contracts to French Energy Company Total.

These Fucking Froggie Frackers have been implicated in using slave labour to build gas pipelines in Burma plus allegations of bribery in most parts of the world in which they operate โ€“ Malta, Italy and Iraq (where it is alleged they had Sadam Hussein on the payroll) Italy and Iran in exchange for contracts and not observing safety standards.

Although publicly listed, the company retains close links with the French Government. Just like EDF, the French johnnies Cameron has entrusted with our nuclear energy industry (and stitched us up with contract pricing that will continue to deliver the highest prices for energy in Europe remember).

What better choice then me hearties to be digging up and protecting the delicate balance of so many areas of our most sensitive countryside. We can trust the French canโ€™t we? What a joy it will be when it is finally revealed how much we will have to pay the frogs for the use of our own gas.

Total Energy? Total Cunts more like…

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

One should never trust the French. A nation of opportunistic Cunts. A win-win situation for Cameron of course, as it helps make any secession from Europe more difficult, the UK profits used to shore up his useless Government and if things do go badly wrong, then we can all blame the French for their incompetence.

Nominated by: Toadspanker

14 thoughts on “Froggie Frackers

  1. And a lot of the proposed areas seems to be in the North West, so who gives a fuk, working class cunts, send em to the gas chamber!!! (from a working class cunt from the North West)

  2. I nominate UK paedophiles who pay Filipino pimps so they can watch, and in some cases, ‘direct’, webcam child sex abuse in a cybersex hut in the Philippines because it is now cheaper than the fees charged by the same cybersex huts run by Burmese pimps in Myanmar. The Brit-fuck cunts switched! The paedophile cunts have no fucking loyalty!

    How’s that for a short and succinct comment?

  3. i couldn’t give two fucks about fracking.

    i would like to nominate Bristol as a city of cunts who shit on anything good; we used to be the home of the world power boat championships – scrapped. The world wine festival – scrapped. The ashton court commmunity festival – scrapped. Bristol city councillors you are a bunch of boring cunts along with the fucking mayor. you should be lined up and fucking publically humilliated, (not that you don’t do that anyway as soon as you open your mouths you bunch of kill joy cunts. You know something else…. CUNT is a word too good to use on the likes of you …… cunts are useful, but you lot are good for fuck all. you bunch of worthless. salary grabbing, expenses scamming, sat in ivory tower CUNTS.

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