Tom Daley

2013 calendar chart

Oh I’m gay! No I’m by! No I’ve come out, I’m gay, oh I’m so happy.

Whichever way you swing, nothing changes the fact that you’re a cunt. After you stop sucking that cock you have gleefully owned up to, go and fucking dive.

As like your newly declared sexual preferance, you can’t get past a bronze in that either, you useless CUNT.

Nominated by: King Cunt

17 thoughts on “Tom Daley

  1. So no more Coleman Balls from David Coleman, King of the Garbled Commentary. Another missed cunt – unless someone sneakedly got him. Only good news is that we are now in the shortest day so we still have a month or two of really dark cold weather which is the perfect season for old particularly male cunts to kick the bucket.

    So keep your eyes peeled and see if you can come up with some ORIGINAL old male cunts. Now is the time me hearties.

    • Coleman was certainly entertaining. There is also such a thing as Keeganballs. Keegan was almost as bad. Talked utter bollocks…

      I’ve picked up a few of Coleman’s better pronouncements for my post tomorrow morning over at mine. I’m no sports fan, but Coleman certainly added a modicum of entertainment to the otherwise dreary proceedings

  2. I wonder if Willie Throne would make my Christmas by popping his clogs…or Virgo.
    Either one of them really.

  3. Colton Bridgenan is a despicable cunt who mugged a disabled 89 yr old for a tenner and 2 days later, a 69 yr old woman for a measly six quid. Prison is too good for cunts like this. The hard man even cried like a bitch slapped ginger stepchild after getting banged up for 5 years. I’d prefer a thorough and prolonged public birching for the fuckslap delinquent toerag twat in front of his community. He hails from Suffolk so not completely sure community is the right word. Diversely challenges gene pool maybe..?

  4. COTY Nominations:

    Political: Dead heat between Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Gove. Hang them both.

    Showbiz: Any cunt who presents Daytime TV – look at the roll call of sad, unfulfilled careers: Nick Knowles, Dom Littlewood, Martin Roberts, Philip Schofield, plus all the menopausal trouts on Loose Women (“loose” referring to their Clown’s Pockets, presumably)

    Sport: Tom Daley

    International: Rupert Murdoch

    Wild Card:Paul Dacre, Cunt-In-Chief of Daily Mail Newspapers.

  5. @ Dicolese: may we have a Lifetime Achievement category? If so, it has to be Elton John, surely?

  6. Nominations for COTY:

    Politics: Michael Gove for managing to screw up the education system so badly that the next generation of working class kids will be one brain cell below pond life

    Showbiz: That cunt of all cunts, and Arrogant Tory prick Jeremy Clarke

    Home: Toss up between Ian Watkins, That fat slag Tracey Connelly, Jason Owen and Steven Barker (baby P murder). Syphilis, Cancer and Aids is too good for them

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