Scrounging single mothers


Single mothers who deliberately breed for benefits then let their feral fuckers run wild in the streets, as they sit in front of the telly in greasy sweat pants chain-smoking with their yellow fingers, and drinking gin made by Eastern-block peg-sellers are cunts!

The spawn of these single mothers have small heads, look like weasels, and think their job is raping old women and stabbing cats as they grow up.

Nominated by: Demigog

10 thoughts on “Scrounging single mothers

  1. I’d institute compulsory sterilisation via an implant for anyone under the age of 24, including all the benefit tourists who come over here and removeable only when they sit and pass a breeding exam. That way we could reduce the national bebt overnight and weed out the mutations in the gene pool.
    Not going to happen sadly, as there are too many bearded liberal faggot do-gooder cunts who would howl in protest

  2. Farmers

    While we’re on the subject of benefit scroungers, this bunch of whinging, poverty pleading, cunts are always on our TV screens, in our newspapers etc for one thing and one thing alone, reminding us all how supposedly hard up they are. Meanwhile, they drive around in their new, top of the range vehicles in their tweeds drawing thousands of pounds a year from the public purse. I know of several of these cunts who draw around 70K a year in subsidies from national/international government for doing fuck all to “support their businesses” and they still manage to make a loss. !!!

    Seriously, where these cunts are concerned, we desperately need another Harrying of the North – South, East and West too.

  3. Lorde.

    Even here in New Zealand we are not safe from the Cunt Plague.

    This pretentious, overrated, over played, loathsome little cunt deserves special praise just for her level of cunty smugness. At 16 years old and looking like some $10 hooker from the trailer park, her gormless fucking songs encourage us to basically fawn/faint/wank over her whenever we hear the dirge-like shit. No chance of that happening here, you CUNT.
    And when you have your picture taken, try looking straight at the camera and not upwards from under your fucking eyebrows you nauseating, jumped up slapper.

    Fuck-off to America you ugly, talentless cunt. If the Yanks are so hung up on you and your mind numbing excuse for music, then go live over there. CUNT

    • Couldn’t agree more KC. I also hail from Nuzzyland and find the media frenzy around this weird eyebrowed cunt sickening. She’s 16, my arse. Forty five if she’s a day. And what happened to the rule that female singers had to be attractive! Susan Boyle can fuck off as well.

  4. Farmers +1

    i couldn’t agree more, a bunch of whinging cunts the lot of them. The enldless,
    “oh but we have fuck all, we sell our milk for a penny a pint”,
    (while i pay Tesco a cunting quid and a bit for four pints! ….. CUNTS)
    as for riding around in top of the range land rovers, they’re doing it on fucking excise free red diesel = tax dodging cunts.
    “oh the farm has been in the family for 6 generations”
    = six generations of tax dodging whining cunts.
    farmers you may well provide a portion of what we eat and drink but that doesn’t make you immune to a damn good CUNTING you fucking whining shithouses.

  5. Fuck yes, Add farmers, they are the inbred elite 6th generation of Cunts. Farmer Palmer isn’t a piss take, it is a biography of the whining tight fisted inbred fuckwits. They farm because they are no good for anything else, and they have no social skills. They think feudal times are the best thing that ever happened to this country. and they live in the cuntry, says it all

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