Footballers [2]


Footballers. Footballers. Footballers.

There is nothing that I love more than watching these overpaid wankers dive around a fucking field! The tooth fairy probably acts less of a fairy than those cunting fairies. And some of my cuntish mates from school argue with me saying its a great sport – well them cunts are nearly as cunty as the cunting players, fucking cunts!

If it wasn’t for that cunting game they would probably end up somewhere like fucking McDonalds. They are all thick as pig shite. Sports like tennis, badminton, squash and cricket have more contact than those cunters. Bring back the death penalty is what i say! Rugby is a real sport. At least they actually do some work!

You know what i hate the most out of em all? Cunting scouse footballers. “Yeh, you know, I played well today, you know, errr, we couldnt have done it without the other guys, you know, err, err, err, you know, I like my chickkkken and bacccon, you know, err.” Bunch of cunts they all are!

Please feel free to comment and add anything I have missed!

Nominated by : Billy

5 thoughts on “Footballers [2]

  1. The only good news is the ferret-faced idiots die young (either from booze or cancer up the arse).

  2. I nominate George Lucas. Star Wars ruining cunt. Not content with desecrating the memory of the original legends, with three, utter, total shitfests, he then sees fit to go back and stick CGI cuntishness over the originals, thus despoiling them as well. Utter, complete, Christmas TV spoiling, own hype believing, Ja Ja Binks bothering, ranch loitering cunt!

  3. Cannot agree more. Modern footballers truly are a bunch of lightweight, mincing, full of their own imaginary importance prima donna cunts. A man’s game? Only if the man is Alan Carr chasing an inflated pigs bladder around Hampstead Heath in the dark looking for a different cock to try. These cunts should take up acting from the way they roll around on the field like they’ve been shot after an innocuous challenge. Clearly heading a football kills more brain cells than watching Jeremy Kyle 5 days a week and drinking White Lightning judging by the barely intelligible cliche riddled interviews the twats peddle out post match. Utter cunts!

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