Jay Z


Jay Z is a talentless cunt if ever there was one.

His music is unlistenable shite that my dogs arsehole could put together.

It sounds like a combination of Dubstepmoobathontraphousegrungeindieguitarsoulskankingwankfuckbuggerbollockstriphopcuntin
gunfreshshitstainedhandshandysecondhandtrampywank see.

Nominated by: Hurling Dervish

2 thoughts on “Jay Z

  1. I agree rap music and rappers in general is lower then dog shit, it’s the most evil form of music available and there is little talent involved I can’t believe people could be so stupid to expose themselves to it. Jews also helped invent it just like jazz but unlike jazz they stole the concept off Sylvia Robinson and perverted it making it far more evil and vile.

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