Lady Gaga [4]


What the fuck is this bint all about?

Trying to copy that other tone deaf, overhyped weirdo cunt Madonna but failing by having even less talent – if that’s possible. Dress sense even worse than that Beckham thing.

I listened to her latest album and it’s shit even by the standards of 21st century teenage music and that’s fucking saying something. God bless the cult of celebrity!

Nominated by: Dioclese

12 thoughts on “Lady Gaga [4]

  1. Tone deaf, look at me, ugly, useless cunt. What really puts her at the top end of the cunt league table is when she wore an outfit made entirely of meat at some award ceremony. There I was eating a fucking pot noodle and she’s walking around with a load of lamb chops of her bonce. Food wasting, piss taking cunt.

    • If you will allow dear heart, I believe that the filly was actually making an artistic statement by walking around wearing her “meat” (to borrow the perjorative from certain top shelf publications of an artistic nature such as “Shag Yer Granny” and “Wham Bam Fuck You Mam”, the latter being I believe of Royalist sentiments) on her head. So you see this great artist was in fact proclaiming herself to be, through the medium of an ironic post modernist coup de theatre, a “CUNT HEAD”. Turner Prize in the post.

      • Ha ha. That would explain it. The Turner prize panel should get a cunting too. Tracy bloody Emin’s manky bed was bad enough but when they awarded it to someone who made a light go off and on in an empty room they reached Lloyd Grossman levels of pretentiousness. Bunch of arty cunts.

  2. What a. Cunt would love to beat this bitch to near death with the bare knucles of my left hand(witch I would have to put more effort in to witch would suit me happily) before shitting in her mouth before finishing her of painfully.hate this bitch

  3. OMG! I’ve just found this brand new website to love! I have so many cunt friends, bosses, business partners to nominate! How do I get started? Can you help me with the artwork?

    • You send ’em we’ll do the artwork. Just leave a comment on any post or you can e-mail me
      Editorial priviledge applies. And preferably pithy, witty and not 6 pages of A4!

  4. GaGa thinks she/he/it is some sort of musical chameleon, like Bowie.
    But she/he etc isn’t…. The eyetie ladyboy is just an attention seeking, look at me autotuned cunt!

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