Stacey Dooley


Stacey Dooley is a fucking ginger cunt.

A talentless bint who thinks she can lecture the world about all sorts of meaningless shit because some cock-holster at the bastard BBC was daft enough to give her a fucking microphone and a video crew.

I’d like to stick that microphone right down her patronising fucking throat and shut the thick cunt up.

Nominated by : Termujin

( And she’s from Luton so ’nuff said… )

24 thoughts on “Stacey Dooley

  1. Steven Fry is turd-burgling cunt. Not content with foisting his bumsex demands about puffs getting ‘married’ on the 99% of the nation that would rather not take it up the arse, he is now demanding control over the Olympic Committee’s decision to host the winter olympics in Russia as well as the right to scrap Russia’s non-queer president and the ability to re-write any laws the Duma pass that he doesn’t like.

    Fry, a self confessed player of the pink oboe, should shut the fuck up about his perverse bedroom habits and realise that the vast majority of the human race do not find other people’s excrement sexually appealing.

    Fucking nonse couldn’t even manage to top himself properly, despite the massive intellect we keep hearing about, which obviously can’t be that towering if he cannot tell arse from quim.

  2. Never heard of the ginger minge so can only comment on the filly’s shagability. Those hollywood teeth might be a trifle sharp for the old horseprong so I think rear entry the best option.

  3. And while I am at it a little cunting business:

    Robert Mugabe

    The corrupt commie cunt learned his trade from Kwame Nkrumah, President for Life (ie dictator) of Ghana. Nkrumah styled himself the African Lenin. What a sweetheart.

    Mugabe’s ‘victory’ has been endorced by the African Union – and to be fair it has been exactly the sort of election those democracy loving cunts ranging from Algeria via Libya to Rwanda and Zimbabwe would recognise ie totally corrupt.

    Cards were marked when Mugabe started dipping his barnet in the old dictator dye, that flourescent black hair product so favoured by a chain of dead despots including Sadam Hussein, Gadafi and Hitler.

    Mugabe was ‘elected’ by tens of thousands of zombie voters. At 89 he’ll soon be a zombie president. First cunt to rule from his coffin?

  4. I’ve never heard of her either but I’d shag the cunt. Well said about Stephen Fry Termujin, this cunt refuses to go away, he seems to be everywhere promoting right on causes that no one else gives a fuck about. Fry you are without a doubt a high ranking member of the cunt society, just above Richard Hammond but just below George ‘wankstain’ Osbourne. CUNT!!!

  5. Nigel Slater is a cunt.
    I happened upon one of his shows the other day and the cunt was cumming his breeks about some friggin pancakes that other tedious cunt, Tandy Newton was making.
    …instead of looking down her shirt and enjoying her tits which she was a doing her best to pop on screen.

    • Given that Slater is an ass bandit and Newton has got no tits/small tits that will never happen. I’d like to nominate Rolf Harris, I’m very disappointed in him. It makes me wonder when he was signing to deaf kids at the end of Rolfs cartoon club, what was he saying? There could be a tidal wave of deaf kids born in the 80’s traumatised by this blokes didgeridoo and none of us knew! Can you guess what it is yet? Yeah an arrest warrant.

      • I cannot understand how anyone is surprised that that the BBC is riddled with pervs, letches and other assorted types of weirdo, seeing as it specialises in employing and/or promoting these fuckers and has done for years.

        Michael Bum me More buggered some poor sod to death in his pool, but what do you expect from an alcoholic junkie? Not much, apart from a better excuse for the severe anal injuries the lad died of than ‘He must have fallen off the hospital trolley’. You’re off you fucking trolley, matey. Alright round the back?

        Elton fucking poof John is virtual royalty, along with his ‘wife’, David, or is it his husband? Who fucking cares? Fucking deviants the pair of them. Makes me want to puke whenever I see them micing about with that poor child they bought/stole/borrowed.

        If anyone, ANYONE, even a blind man on a charging horse, could not see that Jimmy Savile was a nonse they must have been in a fucking coma.

        Russell Harty, Larry Grayson, Kenneth Williams, Graham Norton, Rolf in the pool with all those kids, somehow managing to scramble to the bank, frightening the wits out of his parents (and everybody else’s), that old bloke from It’s a Cockout, Alan Carr, Steven ‘I’m so clever I can’t even kill myself properly’ Fry, Chris ‘let’s have a go on yer tits’ Tarrant. Fuck me, is there anyone employed there that isn’t a fucking weirdo?

        Apart from being an utter, utter cunt, that fucking Russell Brand is a wrong ‘un, I fucking guarantee it.

        If they are not fiddling with kids then the rest appear to be coke heads and gang rapists, like that fucker Craig Charles, who got away with team tagging one of his former ‘acquaintances’ mostly because she was a bit of a slag. Fucking must have been to let that cunt into the house.

        Please note that everybody, every fucking last man Jack of the pieces of human filth that are listed above are, self evidently, cunts.

  6. Found this site because of her “investigation” into Thai yabba. Questions need to be asked as to why that vacuous cow is allowed on TV. What an absolutely pathetic individual. “In the last 5 years…..” She’s re-trotting a 15 year old BBC documentary. This isn’t a new drug or particularly addictive drug. Its meth amphetamine. Not heroine. Not defending drug use but the assertion of severe addiction is simply fabrication. She also can’t pronounce Loas correctly. Despite showing off her limited Thai vocabuly at every opportunity, gained no doubt through her privileged and limited gap year experience. Hello and thank you seems to be about it. I pay TV licence for that?

  7. Gary Lineker, what a total self-loving, arrogant, self-centred, goody-two-shoe bastard he is.
    Not content on selling shitty crisps, he now ruins our beloved Saturday night football fest with his usual bullshit approach of “I know fuck all about fuck all” attitude.
    When talking about Ruud Van Nistelrooy he said bla bla bla ” what`s with the long face?” well Gary news for you, Ruud was the more complete striker/player than you ever were you fucking gormless cunt, and he`s got the medals to prove it… what did you win you cunt??
    Stick to selling crisps `cos as a football analyst/presenter I can`t take you seriously without thinking about you and the stupid fucking annoying/irritating adverts.
    Yes indeed, he is a total cunt.

  8. I think steven fry is a nice guy and stacey dooley is pretty hot. The fact you make a forum about stacey dooley shows you have no fucken life LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL- I NOMINATE THE CREATOR OF THIS SITE A CUNT i think he will win really easily. Lol can you imagine someone waking up and saying im going to make a site calling random people cunts that person is the real cunt. Also i think bill o rielly is the biggest cunt who has ever walked this earth.

  9. Id just like to say…….
    You missed the biggest cunt of all…… IAN DUNCAN SMITH…now theres a really CUNT!!! Init

  10. I don’t know the girl but in her documentaries she talks to victims of murders homelessness and all sorts like she’s apart of their struggles and sounds very patronising and seems to talk in a way to upbring certain emotions in people for the benefit of the documentary.
    I find these sort of documentaries very interesting but her style of journalism is pretty aggravating her questioning is so simplistic and naive and almost ignorant to people’s emotions, I’m not picking on the girl but look at Ross kemp he knows what scenario he’s in he questions but does not pass that line of emotion or aggrivating emotions in others he gets the job done smoothly and gives the facts Stacey gets in and seems like she knows better in some of the documentaries not all mind some but she’s being a silly naive young girl no sexist involved here so don’t misinterpret

  11. Did everyone get here after going for a google perv of Stacey Dooley, but not clicking the images link first?

  12. Of course the ginger bucked tooth talentless ignorant simple minded cock tease is a cunt, she is an investigative journalist on BBC3.
    if she wasn’t there, she would be a recruitment agent or filling some other meaningless time crunching overpaid vacancy until she pops one out. Still, if she has to be on the telly its better to have her on bbc3 or viva.
    Girl power !

    • Investigative journalist ? In her dreams. She’s a second-rate Louis Theroux, and he’s a talentless cunt.
      I watched her tonight ‘investigating’ meth in Mexico and in her unmistakable British accent she said the thing I hate more than anything else – “off-of.” Boy do I hate that. For this alone she deserves a good cunting.

  13. I wouldn’t have described her as a cunt but I have absolutely no idea why she is on TV, she has limited personality and rather limited vision, and doesn’t seem to be backed by any researchers so her programs are full of inaccuracies.

    Without doubt she has blown her way up the BBC ladder, there is no other plausible reason as to why she continues to be given airtime.

    Fair play to her, she obviously has some ‘hidden’ talents and is using them wisely.

  14. Stacey Dooley Is Top- She Investigates the World’s Topics


  15. Stacey Dooley Is So Good, and She Looks So Sexy With Her Sexy Eyes. I Would Love Meet with her and Take For a Meal Too Show How Sexy She Is. Lee

    • Lee,

      Do Not Put Each Word In Capitals, You Cunt.

      Fuck me, how do these cunts manage to breathe and walk at the same time?

      Anyway, yes Dooley is fucking shite, she couldn’t ‘interview’ a fucking cardboard box. However, I’d let her interview me, as long as she had her mouth on my cock, so I couldn’t hear her vague, irritating questions. How this dopey bint keeps getting a budget to do her shit, fuck knows?

  16. Dooley is indeed a Mickey Mouse reporter and her constant Essex Girl enunciations dropping he ‘p’s and ‘t’s etc just serves to remind that she is a lightweight and probably doesn’t get paid the big bucks. I just witnessed her fawning over Russian sex workers and their “amazing abs” and bodies in general. She was even ignorant to crow “I know tonnes of girls who’d love to have all this” (referring to a prostitute having her website’s monthly glamour photoshoot update inside a palatial reception room sonewhere. She’s unprofessional and easily influenced. But when you said her topics were “meaningless”, I tuned out dude…so I think she has more of an audience than YOU now

  17. I like Stacey Dooley. There aren’t many people I dislike really. Nigel Farage is one. Douglas Carswell another, Godfrey Bloom, in fact anyone who is a bit UKIP, the entire Conservative party but not Stacey Dooley.

  18. Right you old bastards I’m the man now and I’ll bugger the lot of you..Stacey with the ginger minge has bein my wanking buddy for years..if you don’t like it bend over and touch your toes..I’m the man

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