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Who gave these pram weilding fuckheads permission to assume they can bring their spawn to a place where hard working people are paying to relax. Not to be bothered by noisy, squeeling tempremental stinking loud cunts and simply expect everything is OK to let them run cry and scream and we all simply sit there and bear it.

Bring back the slap for fucks sake as I assure you if you are not prepared to unleash one on that cunt making all that fucking noise, I will.

Nominated by: Bloke in Holland

6 thoughts on “Kids

  1. Yes indeed they are fuckheaded cunts and they need to be cunted properly. I should know what cunting cunts they are. I gave birth to 13 of them one after the other, one each year. Needless to say I got an itchy cunt after that effort.

    • Having just returned from two days doing business with those utterly useless and lazy cunts the French, my business partner and I found ourselves on the flight home in front of a pair of little cunts and their equally cunty middle class arsehole parents.

      We had to put up with two hours of screaming from both of the little cunts whose parents had obviously never introduced them to discipline or heavy duty sedatives.

      Shortly after takeoff the flight attendant had to get out of his seat and have a proper go at the middle class wankstain of a father and tell him “Sir, will you please control your child and MAKE her sit down. I will NOT ask you again”.

      I thought the bloke did rather well actually. Had that been me I would have tasered the parents and slapped the fuck out of the kids, which coincidentally was exactly what they needed.

      It would appear that the only way the pair of little cunts could possibly communicate was to scream at the top of their cunting lungs and kick the back of my fucking seat. No vocabulary on either of them (aged around two and three). Just screaming.

      Highlight of the flight was after the cunt of a mother made the flight attendant go back to the galley three times to make sure little Hugo’s milk was just right, little cunt threw it all back up all over her. And that was the fucking highlight.

      • Kids are a pain in the arse… If I go into my local supermarket for something, there is always some little fucker screaming and bawling… I don’t mean babies crying, I mean someone aged three or above screaming like they are being murdered…. Real irritating, ear splitting shit… As well as having their usual security, establishments should have a ‘Scream Police’: Any little fucker who tantrums and squeals gets slung out, and their useless parents with them… Cunts.

  2. Oh, and any pub or working men’s club that allows kids in it should be bombed!

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