Jo Brand [4]


Fuck, this women defines ugly. It has to be said that I’ve bumped a few ‘aesthetically challenged’ lassies in my miss spent youth. But in mitigation I was very piddled on best Banks bitter.

As a nod to the feminists; there was no hope of an unwanted pregnancy due to the fact that I could never come. Whether due to excess ale or the lack of ‘comeliness’ in the wench, I’ll leave you to be the judge.

Nominated by : Flaxen Saxon

7 thoughts on “Jo Brand [4]

  1. She looks like a poster girl for NSU (not the dodgy jap car cunts). A type of clap very difficult to cure – non specific urethritis – which means the pox quack has not a clue what it is. Should any cunt feel inclined to toss himself (or herself fair play) off in front of the photo above (and what else is the internet for?) and feels a sharp burning pain in the organ in play followed by a manic desire to piss then sir/madam, you have it. You have bought Brand X.

  2. Russell Brand is a talentless cunt that needs a quick rub-down with a house brick.

    Apparently, being ‘funny’ in this cunt’s drug-addled mind entails being rude, patronising, arrogant, ignorant, insolent and downright obnoxious.

    He thinks swear words are funny in themselves, and that he is being ‘edgy’ when he uses them, in the same way a 9 year old thinks that saying ‘cock’ is big and clever.

    I genuinely think I would physically attack the cunt if I ever get the chance.

  3. Bugger me I am inspired of late. Another (personal) nomination:

    NHS Pox Doctors

    Lowest rung of the NHS shite arsed cesspit breath part qualified quacks from the Indian subcontinent where they bought their diplomas ( MD Calcutta, Failed ).

    “Drop trousers. Some Discharge. How often do you toss yourself? Piss in the bottle is’ntit john.”

    “Fuck Orf Ghandi. Drink yer own piss! Oi Mahatma! What the fuck is that?”

    Fucking pox wallah rams a hooked rod up me horseprong. Recall S&M with the masters at prep school. Excruciating. Sweet youth. Tempus Fugit. Thank God for a classical education. Then still buttoning me flies it’s the heave ho out and the old duck walk home. Cheery winks to the poor sods coming in.

    Clap Doctors? Incompetent Pox Wallah Cunts.

    • I would like to second that motion Sir Limply. A close friend of mine, let’s call him ‘Raven hair Saxon’ had occasion to visit ward 19 (aka clap clinic) at Birmingham General Hospital circa 1975. An inconspicuous hut placed at the back of the hospital strategically placed next to the nurse’s home. In those days my close friend developed a discharge after a late night liaison culminating with a knee trembler against a night club wall- the view of Dudley castle against the dawn back drop was breath taking, apparently. Two weeks hence, penis dripping serous fluid, Raven hair pops along to wd 19 to be confronted with a doctor with tribal scars and a surname which could only be enunciated with clicks. Luckily, antibiotic injections require little medical skill. Raven hair will always be 75/2789, to me.

  4. Why is that fat, talentless, annoying, retarded cunt, James May, not on here? He’s a totally unfunny, fat headed, smug cunt of the highest order. If only one of the wankerish gags on that shite programme could go wrong and then he and his two cuntish bum chums could be burnt alive in an Austin Allegro. This useless arsehole could only have made it onto the idiot box through the BBC. How else? He’s a loathsome fat cunt. CUNT.

  5. There’s a trend with ‘comedians’ called Brand, they’re all about as funny as a leper in a wind tunnel. Jo, Russell, Katie (If you’ve never heard of her she’s almost as fat as Jo but even more unfunny). Cunts one and all.

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