Voodoo quacks that keep old cunts like Mandela and Prince Philip ticking over on life support longer than an old style Russian leader are truely sinister cunts denying the pleasure of their demise to the humble sportsman.

Only insert the tubes if there is a large wodge of dosh in it for them naturally. For lesser mortals it’s straight onto the Liverpool Care Pathway and Good Night Vienna.

Resurrectionist Cunts.

Nominated by : Sir Limply Stoke

7 thoughts on “Gerontologists

  1. Paul Watson is a cunt. He’s the cunt who thinks he’s Errol Flynn, fucking about with Jap whaling ships whilst massaging his massive ego by bullying a various assortment of hippies, tramps, junkies and other ne’er do wells who think they are crew members of a disciplined service, instead of the smelly eco-wanker pirates they actually are.

    They save the planet by burning hundreds of tonnes of heavy fuel oil driving around in their ridiculously named boats, else bobbing around in a DIY helicopter. The Japs had the right idea with one of these soap dodgers and sank his boat by crashing into it, unfortunately the cunt managed to get out before it went down.

    Watson is such a cunt he was thrown out of Greenpeace, ostensibly for being a cunt. His 1st wife divorced him for being a cunt and his second wife similarly divorced him, although the reason for the second divorce was that he was a total and utter cunt, not just a regular one. He calls himself Captain yet has never held that rank anywhere other than his own mind. His actual rank within the Norwegian Merchant Marine, the only place he could get a real job, was Cunt, First Class.
    He advocates human depopulation to under 1billion souls yet spitefully refuses to get the ball rolling by shooting himself, the cunt. He advocates veganism, but just not for himself and continues to eat meat regularly. Because he is such a cunt he cannot see the disconnect between whining about people eating whales whilst eating bacon sandwiches.

    As well as being a cunt, he is also a fat bastard. With luck one of the Jap whalers will mistake him for a whale and harpoon him in the face.

    His 6 year old granddaughter is famously quoted as saying that she thought ’Gramps is fat cunt’ and his mother has publicly apologised for bringing such a cunt into the world.

    He is currently wanted by Interpol in connection with assorted acts of vandalism and piracy, and also for being a cunt.

    • Don’t know this cunt, but he does appear to be a right old cunt. As for whales- they don’t need saving they deserve harpooning. And dolphins- the cunt of the sea more like. Tasty if you get them young enough.

  2. Mandela is a cunt, fair do, old commie terrorist cunt at that. But why knock Phil the Greek? Worth keeping him around on the off chance he might offend some cunts by making remarks or gestures about race or religion that would land anyone else in clink…

    Looks like that space might soon have to be filled by young Harry and his goose-stepping ways.

    • I can think of at least 36 million reasons per year to knock Phil and his traitorous wife.

      BTW He’s no more Greek than you or I, or Charles or William, both members of the same Germanic House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg. He had to pretend he was Greek, and the Queen had to pretend she was not of German descent, as having a touch of the Hun about you in the first part of the 20 century in England might lead people to believe you were a bit of a cunt.

  3. Bracketed Mandela and Prince Phil together because they are both nominated cunts and the Dead Cunt Pool is getting stagnant through lack of mortality. Significant sections of the cunting community are fraustrated at being denied the pleasure of their demise. We want action so come on old sports, any of you, play the game. Fuck orf and die.

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