Norfolk drivers


Does the Ministry Of Transport think that the cunts who inhabit Norfolk are too backward to cope with dual carriageways? I wouldn’t mind but every second cunt in Norfolk thinks they have to drive on average 20% lower than the cunting speed limit.

No fucking wonder Delia Smith drinks and Bernard Matthews ate himself to death.

Nominated by : Ollyboro

2 thoughts on “Norfolk drivers

  1. topical as ever

    Stuart Hall

    Another paedo cunt from the fart filled corridors of the BBC goes down. What else is left in the woodwork? Have hated the pink faced shiny arsed northern cunt with verbal diarrhoa ever since his first appearance. “It’s A Knockout” was cringe cunting cobblers and the cunt got paid for doing it. His mistake was to come up with and star in a version for the underfives. “It’s A Cockout”.

    • Never liked that round red faced cunt. Anyone that smiles and laughs that much could do with a good face burning with a blow torch. Try smiling when your cunting face is full of contractures and keloid scars. Looks like we should have burnt his cock off as well, oh yer

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