Frankie Dettori


Frankie Dettori : one dodgy jock too dumb to realise that the recreationals go up the horse’s arse, not up yer nose, cunt.

Time was yours truly had connections with the gee gees, Sport of Kings and all that. Level playing field, all the nags were fixed and all the jocks were juiced. Fond memories of little lisping Lester the Queen’s jock, backed favourite, falling orf his “horth” at the last. Howls from the punters. Glory days.

Point is Sport of Kings? Dodgy jocks. Toerag owners. Chinless officials. Bastard bookies. Screwed punters.

Sport of Cunts.

Nominated by : Sir Limply Stokes

5 thoughts on “Frankie Dettori

  1. Isn’t dat Frankie Dettori da Italian cunt dat think he morphed into the heavy weight boxer, Frank Bruno. When does a heavy weight boxer ever end up well? Okay, so Henry Cooper is an exception. Ever seen what happened to ‘Aussie Joe Bugner’- not an Aussie And not a Brit. Fucking shame.

  2. I know he’s been nominated before, but this cunt can never be nominated enough. Michael McIntyre. So smug, unfunny and fat, his is the level of cuntitude by which all other cunts are measured. He truly is the Cunt’s Cunt. The reason I am nominating him again is that it’s come to my attention that the cunt is beginning to resemble the dead cunt, Frank Carson: Let’s hope McIntyre goes the way of Carson and is soon six feet under. The cunt.

    • Just wary of giving the shite fringed arsehole any more publicity whatsoever. The Daily Mail (and we always believe them) informs us that the tampon tipped cunt is the world’s highest earning comic and trousered £21 mill from his last tour. Avalon – the agents and producers – are the cunts to go for. They are behind the endless recycling of all these former cutting age standup comics that are now the life sucking mainstream. Bring back Bernard Manning.

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