British weather


British weather is an absolute fucking cunt! Don’t believe me? Just look out of the fucking window!

How could it get any worse? Only one way – get that jug eared cunt Charles or his bitch to present it.

Holiday at home? You’d have to be a cunt! I’m off to Greece…see you in a fortnight!

Nominated by : Dioclese

One thought on “British weather

  1. Can we nominate Americans? And kids?

    If so, Will Smith is the latest cunt. Why oh why is this annoying bouncy 80s left over puncy cunt actor still on our screens? Oh I know, its mini me. If its not enough to have one Annoying cunt, its a junior as well. Best child exploitation since the Jacksons, and look how they ended up.

    So, cunt of the week is Will Smith for me, and if there is an award for the youngest cunt, its his son Jaydon. I know hes onl a kid, but he wants to act 25 so he needs to get used to it,

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