Mick Philpott


Mick Philpott and the five rent a minge slappers that let the depraved clap faced goat turd shag them and produce 17 kids are beyond cunts. As the mouthy fuckprick Cuntpott sees it he does actually have a job and gets paid per pint of spunk produced. To the tune of sixty shagging grand a year. Not unlike the Royal Family really. Arise Sir Cuntpott.

Like a bit of domestic violence Mr Cuntpott? Your family life entitlement. Have another ten grand in benefits sir.

Time to apply sharia law and castrate the cunt.

Nominated by : Sir Limply Stoke

4 thoughts on “Mick Philpott

  1. And here is another cunt

    Kim Jong-un otherwise known as Kunt Wrong-un, Korean commie dictator cunt and self abusing wanker generally to be seen fannying around with Harriet Harman’s muff on his head ( that muff don’t arf put itself around in commie circles ).

    Really the little fat fuck dreams only of living on benefits in these fair islands supported by his wives and children. Clearly a hermaphrodite cunt thus not got the tackle for that so the very little leader has to threaten the world with nuclear armageddon to get a payoff in lieu of child benefit.

    Kunt Wrong-un you psycho cunt – go moist dreaming of your commie palace guard goose stepping up to take you from behind. Then explode a nuclear missile up your arse. Sure to dry you off gangbang style.




  2. this fucking retard is laughing his horse like cock off, not only did this lecherous cunt shag anything with a pulse he now languishes at HMP CUNTSWORTH living off tax paying dopey cunts like me. This shagnasty cunt now gets three hot meals a day, play station, education (although thats arguable) gym, telephone calls to whom ever wants to listen to this cunt, a warm bed, clean clothes and and called Mr. Philpott. Fuck the human rights bill shoot this cunt straight through the bollocks and then let the public have the scabby cunt. THIS MAN GOES BEYOND BEING CALLED A CUNT.

  3. Don’t shoot the cuntard in the bollocks. That is too good for this cunting cunt.

    Best thing is to punch him a good one in the cunt.

  4. This cunt is product of the benefits culture that those Labour cunts actively promoted. That useless fat fuck of cunt Gordon Brown and weasel faced cunt Tony (I’ll lie to you fucking face with a smile) Blair created this type of cunt by creating a an environment that nurtured scrounging cunts like Philpott. I dream of the day those two cunts are in front of a judge for what they have done to Britain. Bring the gavel down on this pair of fucking cunts..

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