2 thoughts on “Lady Gaga [3]

  1. (by way of apology, sincere obsequeousness ect ect – earlier posting included draft paras not intended ect ect)

    Tweedlecum And Tweedlecunt
    (David and George otherwise known as the Brothers Cunt)

    Malice in Wonderland

    A pair of touchy-feely metrocunts who first met triple dipping behind the bike sheds at Oxford. Two priviliged ponces who have been touching and feeling each other ever since. Have gone blind screwing themselves, our country and our economy into the ground. Cannot see beyond their own piggy little snouts in the trough and their old school chums the wanker bankers.

    There is no alternative. There is no plan B. But they have a plan C. The Cunt plan.

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