George Galloway [5]


I have come back after a little while to see if this cunt got some more cunting and fuck me no ones cunted this parasite off since last time, what the fuck you cunts?????

Galloway please crawl up some muslims arse and die you awful fucking waste of a good cunting, cunt cunty cunt

Nominated by : Captain Cuntastic

5 thoughts on “George Galloway [5]

  1. Saw the pig faced cunt on the tube once. Preening his arrogant champagne commie bollocks in front of a couple of middle aged slappers. Fairplay he was high on the hog after having just returned from cunting the yanks in that congressional hearing but turned the stomach rather.

    Point is the flakey old scots cunt has some attraction to a certain breed of middle class slapper – bugger knows why – go moist at the prospect of a bit of gorbals rough sort of thing. Respect? Go fuck yourself ya wee tuchter (little gobby shite).

  2. Paedo Cunts

    Keeping the pressure on

    Hands up Stokes’ have buggered for Britain down the ages but this paedo business a bit beyond the pale. Accustomed to a little junior exercise from the local clergy and par for the course at Eton. Necessary education for the governing classes donchaknow but gone too far. Seems every second face is a paedo. Endless revelations by the day.

    Conspiracy of silence in the fart filled corridors of the BBC. Paedo links between the Gov and the police. Recreation of choice in showbiz. Dodgy aussie Rolf Harris has got his didgerydoo out for fuck sake (unfortunate turn of phrase). Time was when I thought paedos were a brand of swimmimg trunks. Paedos have stripped the world of innocence. Pervert Cunts.

  3. In Defence of The Union

    Stokes’ paid damn good coin to their lackey scots bailifs to enforce land clearances and improved the Caledonian colony no end. Lovely haunting empty landscips. Buggered the scots cunts. Gave them a taste of cold steel and despatched their mewling inbred brats. Got some robust genes impregnated into their cow faced females. Gave the sullen cunts a viable breeding population. Gratitude? Bugger hell no. Bite the cock that screws ‘em. Give the cunts a vote on leaving the Union for fuck sake?? Bugger those deviant scum scots cunts back into line. They know they want it. MacCunts.

  4. Ethnic Genociding Cunts

    But bugger me – generations of Stokes’ have given their blood and their spunk in defence of this once great nation in order to see it all pissed away in the most heinous act of genetic engineering since Adolf and Heinrich. Got a maturing population? Flood the country with tsunamis of pimply young poles and thieving romanian bulgarian slav itie cunt sewage and pay them benefits to fuck each other. Then load benefits on their brats. Genius. British get fucked.

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