Bob Crowe [2]


Bob Crowe says Thatcher can rot in hell because she destroyed working class jobs. But Bob’s alright, because he’s milking the workers for his own extortionate salary. So see you there, Bob!

Bob Crowe says Thatcher destroyed people’s livelihoods for her own political ends. I say “Pot, kettle, black.” Let’s have another strike! Let’s bring down the wicked Tory government!

Bob Crowe says she died in the Ritz and his members couldn’t afford to stay there for a single night. But you could, eh Bob!

What a nasty, two faced, hypocritical, fat gutted, overpaid, exploitative, leftie cunt he is.

Nominated by : Dioclese

2 thoughts on “Bob Crowe [2]

  1. The cunt used to live near me before he died.

    Always arrogant, a true cunt leading a union of cunts

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