Gregg Wallace


Gregg Wallace of Master Cunt. The bald headed twat no talent just stands there dipping his dick in custard while waiting to collect his pay check. The man has no other purpose in life.

Unfair? He would likely wank into John Torode’s mayo just to stop it separating. Nah – he is a natural born cunt.

Nominated by : Sir Limply Stoke

7 thoughts on “Gregg Wallace

  1. Amen brother. I would run across a busy 12 lane motoway holding my 1 year old child just for chance to piss in his glove box

  2. No talent veg buyer. Why is he on food shows? Coz he’s a money grabbing no talent bald ugly fuckwit.

  3. The barrow boy with his other half John it can’t be good if its Asian, Torode. He’s from Australia himself, and then makes a series which is all about his fav food, Asian! The duplicity of the man. I don’t know why the British have to employ an Australian, to host Masterchef UK, oh ok I do Wallace!

  4. I fucking hate the useless lying two faced fucking bastard.He is a pervy smarmy talentless money stealing cock sucker.And of course a cunt.

  5. He loves Indian food and Indian curry, typical Barrow boy, teamed with Aussie John the toad, and Monica ” working against my work permit” like most Kiwis and Aussies. then they wonder why are so many English are on the dole. He calls time on any male, but when and Asian women comes on he is a prick which is ironic when this is a cunt column.

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