Vernon Kay [2]

Vernon Kay is a smug, highly irritating, patronising Cunt. A shite host of numerous wank programmes featuring various fuckwitted Cretins have given this Cunty wankstain far too much airtime.

A Cheesy fucking grin and wankers haircut have propelled this vacuous Cunt onto our TV screens.

The Greedy Cunt now even does puke making fucking adverts with his dozy Mother.

Best known for All Star Family Fuckwitts and being a DJ on Radio fucking One he is indeed a proper talentless arsehole and utter Cunt.


9 thoughts on “Vernon Kay [2]

  1. He is a fucking “jammy cunt” as last of the few rightly said his missus would get it till the coppers dragged ye off her also the fact that he’s made a fortune by looking like a fucked up veloceraptor with aids!! As for those ads only way I get thru them is to wank frantically about me fucking his mum up the shiter till i spunk blood!! V Kay yer a cunt!!

  2. Thankfully I don’t watch telly or listen to Radio 1 but it won’t be long before he is retired to Radio 2 like that other well cunted DJ Chris Evans who I have to work hard to avoid.

  3. Fuck me Mr banned!! I coudn’t give a monkeys fuck what media yer into ya fucking mad dick! Fuck off you boring CUNT!!

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