Fearne Cotton

Fearne Cotton…

Where to be begin with this arrogant, self-centered, immature, peodaphilic, war-profiteering cunt. She is all over the fucking radio, the fucking tv, fucking youtube not to mention Holly Willoughby’s (probably) over-sized labia (now theres a thought). What does this ill-informed cunt know about music?

She is a coldplay loving, Jay-Z loving, Keisha loving, Tiny fucking tempa or whatever loving (he’s another cunt) CUNT.

Nominated by Fat Prick

17 thoughts on “Fearne Cotton

  1. I agree she is a bit of a cunt but I’d still give her a “teabagging” just out of pure badness “one lump or two fearne???”

  2. It’s not just music she knows fuck all about, it’s simply everything that she’s a dumb ass about. Typical of the BBC to put such a cunt on our screens, thinking that she’s the sort of person we want to see when what we want is someone with actual talent – an excellent cunt nomination as she really is a cunt

  3. She’s one of the biggest cunts on the planet. All she talks about is her cunt self. I wish she’d get the fuck off the tv and radio and get a nostril reducing nose job. CUNT

  4. And close relative of the old Shirtlifter Billy Cotton…BBC nepotism at its worst

  5. There’s only one thing flatter than Fearne Cotton’s chest….Tesco Value lemonade.
    It’s such a shame that Reggie Yates no longer presents the Radio 1 Top 40 with this cunt. Listening to that show always made me feel nostalgic.
    It was lovely to hear a black man working with Cotton again.

  6. PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE CAN someone please tell MR CUNTFACE to shut the fuck -up, and give us all a break,the tit seems like a kid in a candy store, maybe IT’S just found this sight. But I can see IT’S gonna drag it even further into the fucking gutter, there is no space on here for ( COMPLETE MORON’S )…at least most people on here have a point to make !!!! I’T doesn’t,so please MR EYE get a grip on this fucker !

  7. I reckon she is a gusset, because a gusset is just about as near to being a cunt without actually being one that you can get. Mind you I’m the biggest cunt on the planet and I fucking know it.

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