Fearne Cotton

Fearne Cotton…

Where to be begin with this arrogant, self-centered, immature, peodaphilic, war-profiteering cunt. She is all over the fucking radio, the fucking tv, fucking youtube not to mention Holly Willoughby’s (probably) over-sized labia (now theres a thought). What does this ill-informed cunt know about music?

She is a coldplay loving, Jay-Z loving, Keisha loving, Tiny fucking tempa or whatever loving (he’s another cunt) CUNT.

Nominated by Fat Prick

17 thoughts on “Fearne Cotton

  1. I agree she is a bit of a cunt but I’d still give her a “teabagging” just out of pure badness “one lump or two fearne???”


  2. It’s not just music she knows fuck all about, it’s simply everything that she’s a dumb ass about. Typical of the BBC to put such a cunt on our screens, thinking that she’s the sort of person we want to see when what we want is someone with actual talent – an excellent cunt nomination as she really is a cunt


  3. She’s one of the biggest cunts on the planet. All she talks about is her cunt self. I wish she’d get the fuck off the tv and radio and get a nostril reducing nose job. CUNT


  4. There’s only one thing flatter than Fearne Cotton’s chest….Tesco Value lemonade.
    It’s such a shame that Reggie Yates no longer presents the Radio 1 Top 40 with this cunt. Listening to that show always made me feel nostalgic.
    It was lovely to hear a black man working with Cotton again.


  5. PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE CAN someone please tell MR CUNTFACE to shut the fuck -up, and give us all a break,the tit seems like a kid in a candy store, maybe IT’S just found this sight. But I can see IT’S gonna drag it even further into the fucking gutter, there is no space on here for ( COMPLETE MORON’S )…at least most people on here have a point to make !!!! I’T doesn’t,so please MR EYE get a grip on this fucker !


  6. I reckon she is a gusset, because a gusset is just about as near to being a cunt without actually being one that you can get. Mind you I’m the biggest cunt on the planet and I fucking know it.


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