Anthony Worrall Thompson

Anthony Worrall Thompson is a short arse, stroppy, shoplifting celebrity chef of a cunt.

Getting his vicarious kicks from nicking cheese and wine at the self service checkout by not scanning it and walking out without paying when he can easily afford it. At least the cunt had the good grace to thieve from Tesco who are the biggest rip off merchant cunts going.

Apart from Waitrose!

Nominated by Occam’s Razor

5 thoughts on “Anthony Worrall Thompson

  1. Thanks to the cunty Little Chef though for the self serve checkout now being known as the wozza.

  2. I hate the little tosser and his wank me smirk. Eat his food? I do not eat raw spunk. Fine dining cunt.

  3. Personally I doubt if this little elf prick could make a piece of toast! Why not do us all a favour and just fuck off and die you vastly overrated overwealthed thieving bearded cum- filled CUNT!!!

  4. Crikey – Wozza ain’t popular is he?!! I think I know why – because he’s a cunt-who-doesn’t-get-any-taller-as-he-walks towards-you-cunt. Like Noel Edmonds. Now don’t even get me on to that pseudo-mystic-fiddling-with-the-chav-lady-contestants-in-my-huge-trailer-even-though-I’m-a-circus-midget cunt. Cunt.

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