3 thoughts on “Jimmy Savile

  1. A cunt is a stupid woman whereas a prick could be said to be a stupid man. I think a bit of etymological rearrangement may be required to distinguish men from women.

  2. I agree! Mine is to follow:

    Jimmy Saville (it)
    (To be Boiled in the Nation’s Piss)

    Jimmy Saville, the fuck-ugly cunt, both inside & out. A new word is needed to describe that Arse-Wipe-Cunt-of-all-Cunts – it is Satan’s-Infected-Piss, Cunt-Bogies & Nob-Cheese, the Fishy-Kipper- Cunt-Paste.
    It is poisoning the innocent worms, munching on the shell of that Toxic-Cunt- for-Brains wanker and Shite-Stinkin, Vermin’s-Sweaty-Ring piece-Pervert. Dig it up & fire it off to feed Planet Hungry-Cunt-Flaps with huge nashers –
    Grub’s up!… the meal is a haggard, old twat – the sweaty cunt-shite.
    Or, resurrect the Cuntish-Phlegm-Ball & put it on The Rack. Slowly rip its’ arms, legs, prick & bollocks off; then force feed it with a Tape-Worm’s diahorrea, pus, puke & flob, that it generously donated for the send off.
    The Wank-Stained-Parasite-of-Satan, the Cunting-Arsewipe-Cunt that aint worth a squirt of piss.
    Rot in Hell, you Cuntish-Cunt.

  3. What can we say about Jimmy Saville? This good, decent, charity fundraising, wonderful Knight of the Realm was a child fucking, Corpse shagging pile of shit who I hope is rotting inside the cock of Satan! This “Saint to all” motherfucker should of got what was coming to him when he was alive but NO. Every cunt around him let him fiddle with every Man, woman and child….and he didn’t discriminate, good old Jimmy would fuck you if you were comatosed, in a vegatated state or fucking dead! How could he have gotten away with this? And with all the rumours surrounding him years before, how did he get knighted???? With reports of rape in the Royal Family and a child abuse ring in the 70’s and 80’s at the Houses of Parliament, are we really fucking surprised? Too many of these cunts continued to do their evil and no one gave a shit. May they all burn in hell or drown in Satan’s spunk! Cunts, cunts and CUNTS!!!!!!!

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