Katherine Jenkins

To be fair Katherine Jenkins has a nice pair of tits on her but she is a right smug fucking cunt.
Stick to singing and stop flashing your norks you sad tart.


AllSeeingEye: Okay, I’m putting this up as a valid nomination, but honestly I’d smash her like an abandoned caravan so I’m not voting for it.

14 thoughts on “Katherine Jenkins

  1. Fair Play ASE, she is indeed a most fuckable bint but a smug cunt nevertheless.

    • I am a fan of OBG,but with Kath he has not done his homework.It is well known she is down to earth and the girl from next door type.you got it wrong OBJ. Hold your hands up and take a cunting like a man.

  2. She would not be that smug after I had my Spunk Trumpet up her shit pipe. Bet she does a Grade A titwank as well.

  3. Nah not avin this you sad weirdo,you can shove your spunk trumpet up your own arse.Kath is gorgeous and has a fabulous voice. You are the cunt who needs cunting.

    • Excellent counter-cunting. Vote that Jenkins is giving a clean bill of cunt and the Axeman is properly cunted.

    • To Pressure Boiler
      Impressive Intervention. That juvenile delusional perverted wretch who calls himself
      the Axeman needs to bin that name and get
      back into the bushes.Cunt.

  4. And he can take his fucking trumpet with him. By the way, Sonia off Eastenders is handy with a trumpet, so they say.

  5. Did Boo Hoo actually get a comment removed by ASE? From this site???? Fucking Hell! Let’s hear it!

    • You can get it free unless you’re in that small percentage of muggins Englishfolk.

  6. Katherine Jenkins is an annoying, bullshitting, try-to-be- -so-nice, sugar sweet, cringworthy little dickhead.

    Cunt bag!

  7. Apparently , instead of fanny hair her cunt has a bush of thorns , her cunt has fangs , and her cunt pisses green paint . MMMMMMM…..that’s so nice…

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