15 thoughts on “David Starkey

  1. FAO. Anonymous said…”Starkey is NOT a cunt,Fuck off” !!! At least EDDIE-F had the balls to put a name to his comments !!! as the rules stipulate !! Not just send send in anonymous shitty little four word comments!! I must take your GAY, not that I’m homophobic but I feel that only gay people and ENGLISH nationalist would ever stand up for STARKEY

  2. Nice bit of arse licking there by “banned”, first complaining about David Starkey being nominated, then a complete U turn when agreeing with “Mr Eye” DEAR ME !!

  3. Where is JEREMY CLARKSON on this site surely some fucker must have nominated him by now ?? fuckin rat pissed off to china (best place for him,hope He stay’s there !), but must say I’m really surprised his boat race isn’t been on here at least a dozen times !! What a complete CUNT !!

  4. Cunstable cuntbubble obviously your one of those thick cunts that don’t listen !!! SCOTCH is a drink !!!

  5. Hey annon, too right mate`that clarkson doesnt need to do anything but speak to get cunt of the century, never seen such a self opiniated,untalented cunt in my life. That gives chris evans and nancy lollipop a break for a while,real cunts of a feather.

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