5 thoughts on “Sebastian Coe [3]

  1. Seb Cunt, Sorry Coe, the self-serving sanctimonious cunt ‘won’ the games for London. What kind of prize do you win then have to pay through the fucking nose for?
    Now they’ve decided that we need an extra £41miillon for an opening ceremony knowing full well that we’ve got no option but to cough up.
    And who gets the bill? Yep you, me an millions of other who don’t give a damn about the olympics. it’s costing London £625 million in higher council tax alone.
    Yep! We’ve been royally buggered to satisfy the inflated ego of Lord POSH knob.
    So next year, when 99.999% of Londoners sit in gridlock while VIP cunts waft past in their Zil Lanes, think of him. He’ll be in his VIP box stroking his Olympic torch fantasising about how much we all love him.
    Seb Coe is a proper cunt alright, But the thing is, we’ve let him get away with it, so he’s made cunts of us all, And that makes me sick.

  2. I’d like to shove the Olympic torch right up his sicophantic arse. What a cunt.

  3. Sebastard Cunt,alias Lord Coe, off camera swears like Billingsgate Cod, keeps a cunt sized plum handy in case of interviews,, just pops it into his mouth just so he can sound like Princess Anne.

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