Eric Pickles

Eric Pickles is so fucking fat that if he carries on eating at his current rate he will need his own personalised motorised hoverboard to travel around Westminster, and that of course will be going right on the expense account along with the second home in the barren hinterland that is so far away from Parliament its just down the fucking road in Brentwood, you alright with that then taxpayers? And the fat cunt would also like a new pair of glasses as the current pair won’t fit on his fat fucking head in two months time due to him being an ever expanding enormous bloated cunt chops. And that’ll be another £450 ok?

Nominated by King Binge

Eric Pickles is indeed a fat odious cunt with a expanding baldy heed but not as fat as Mike (FatCunt) Ashley. They may well be brothers in cuntitude.

Nominated by Ollie Burtons Grandad

10 thoughts on “Eric Pickles

  1. From HurlingDervish.
    ..I like Eric. He’s a fucking fat cunting clown of a Person, a Michelin man trapped inside gooey human flesh. Just look, the cunt has no neck! he looks like one of those fucking Sontarans from Dr Who! how can you not love this bloke for being the quintessential fat English cake snorting cunt? and i haven’t even touched on his political *ahem* career. The cunt must have a speciall adapted chair at the cabinet meeting table in number 10. Just so his fucking enormous cunting fat arse can sit itself down. Admitted, politically he’s as much use a a fucking suchard chocolate teapot, but the fact he probably hasn’t seen his cock for 20 years is a fcuking bonus of immense cunt proportions. What a fat cunt!

  2. Wouldn’t be fun to see this fat cunt impaled on a greased telegraph pole along with that that other fat cunt Chris Molyes…?

  3. Saw this cunt Pickles on telly today telling me how public sector strikers should have a thought for private sector workers, whose pay is low and pensions lower. I’ve got a beter idea, you fucking pig-eye sack of shit, how about you have a fucking thought for them, you fucking massive cunt. What are we fucking paying you for, you fucking fat shitboy cunt?

  4. The fat bastard is self obsessed, he thinks everyone is lower rhan him, he should be mae health minister and given a mirror.

  5. Seeing him on QT crying about his 37 mile commute then using his sick wife, and then said he had to be at work on time.. hence needing to have an expensive London flat paid for by taxpayers made me want to fucking smash my house up in anger.

    This morally bankrupt piece of shit can get on Gumtree and rent a fucking room, or get a hotel the thick cunt. Piece of shit wanker honestly. bet even David Cameron think he’s a cunt, and that’s saying something!

    I a friend of mine’s colleague died at the wheel for working 16 hours a day as a junior doctor on her commute…. She died because she isn’t entitled to SHIT and is on a piss poor wage of 28k so cannot afford a ‘second home’, which for the hours is below the minimum wage.

    And when he has his inevitable heart attack, I hope the surgeon is too fucking knackered to deal with him properly.. and as he is passing away and looking into the doctors blood shot tired eyes.. He can realise he fucked up.


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