27 thoughts on “Brodie Clark

  1. City boys are slave to the money, prancing, designer label worshipping, strip club frequenting, shit haircut sporting, pocket billiard playing, pink shirt with white collar wearing, cocky, irritating everyone else on the train home with their tales of ‘spunking’ 180 notes on champagne in some toss West End nightclub, GCSE failing, parasitic, corporate hospitality blagging, giving fuck all back to society, absurdly self important, arrogant, obnoxious, shallow, vacuous, overbearing, pointless and unnecessary cunts.

    A proper breed of cunts if ever I saw one.

  2. Israel is a cunt – has means and motivation to nuke Iran into a sheet of glass but, cuntishly decently, plays by the rules and refrains.

  3. The entire population of Greece are cunts.
    Whilst the rest of Europe cut back to survive and help bail out greasy fucking dago’s they have General strikes,riots and pretend that there is no debt problem.
    Perhaps they should stop playing the twat and start dancing for pennies as they may need them soon.
    Sad delusional fuck witted Cunts the lot of them.

  4. Agustin Carsten is a well Fat, greedy Mexican bastard Banker who wanted to be in charge of the IMF so he could buy more Burrito’s type of Cunt.
    Even funnier is that he lost to a po faced ugly French Swamp pig of a woman.
    Serves you right Fat Cunt.

  5. Sting and his cuntish wife are hypercritical, domestic abusing, savetherainforest, unmusical, tantric uttercunts.

  6. Anon, I scribble in crayon over at ARRSE under a different name so I know exactly what an 18 carat cunt tropper is.

    But you will have seen the bloody hilarious ARRSE threads about Princess Productions over the last few weeks. Do you seriously think I’m going to post this nomination and put us on the ARRSE radar? Really? You must be fucking insane.

    And we haven’t even got a decent gronk board here for them to vote on.

    He is a cunt though.

  7. Lying Cunt Brodie gets suspended for being a fuckwitted spunk trumpet. Magic. Fuck you Brodie.

  8. From Hurling Dervish.

    Whatever you say about Avril Lavigne I’d still slip her a right fucking dirtbox crippler given half a chance the dirty little muffin.

  9. Brodie clark,why is there a credit crunch to many immigrants in the country thats why its called benefit britain iam not racist just staing a (FACT) get a grip. the uk is to layed back and action needs taken simple as that.

  10. Why not cut the benefits and entrys in the uk on illegal immigrants and back our troops in the uk who fight for what we believe in and give the troops more supplys better equiptment instead of swanning millions of pounds in benefit britian and people wonder why there is a credit crunch wake up and realise whats going on around you…

  11. Never ever trust this Pointy eared fucking cunt, what a bastard Slime Ball you are Brodie. Lets see you try to squirm out of this fuck up you sad old tosser.
    Looks like your Teflon has finally worn off, Cunt. I second this fine example of a cunt being Cunted

  12. Hmmm, is it this man’s fault we’re in deep recession? What, he is personally responsible for letting too many immigrants into this country, who in turn are ruining this place and taking too many jobs that could be going to British citizens, and those who don’t are fleecing the welfare state and the benefits allowance and we’re all massively fucked as a result of his singular irresponsible behaviour and reckless abuse of the entry system into Britain? So its not anything to do with excessive corporate tax evasion that scales into billions of pounds, irresponsible lending by banks creating an unsustainable subprime mortgage market and further exacerbating huge national debt, a very expensive and wholly unnecessary war in Afghanistan, a coalition government defying growth in the economy by screwing the arse out of every imaginable corner of every public sector organisation the length and breadth of the country, and the collective monetary fuck ups of Greece and Italy etc…in the EU, of which Britain is a part of and will feel the ramifications for many months to come? Ok then, glad that’s cleared that up then. Bloody illegals!

  13. I agree with all of the above but I think that cuntiness levels achieved by Gordon Cuntbrown may never be equalled, he is King Cunt and reached a level of pure cuntiness few thought could be achieved!!!!!!

  14. From HurlingDervish

    And Brown, was a cunty, lazy eyed squinty cunt as well. I’d have fucking loved to have decked the fat cunt. He’d have gone down like a sack of shit!
    Like that other fat prick Ed Balls.

  15. Clark is a total incompetent cunt and I know as I’ve meant him – ignorant, arrogant and a total cunt. The only people who liked him are the IRA prisoners who escaped when he was Governor of a high security prison – and he even fucked that up, what a cunt. Hope he gets the bullet and takes all the other useless cunts of managers in the Border Agency with him

  16. Just needs one more recommendation and this man will be the 100th rated cunt in the history of this blogroll. That surely counts for something doesnt’ it?

  17. Brodie Clark I hate the cunt. Has the whiff of a borstal boy shagger about him. Has that cocksucking air of scots gillie pretending undying devotion to the Royal Family while flogging their emails to the Sun. Those feral lugs were created by the good lord to stick out either side of a deerstalker while the highland midges of the manse bore up his arse.

  18. Just a thought but as this Uber Cunt is now well over 100 recommendations and the first to get to 100 surely the Cunter (Me) deserves recognition a la Dead Poll winner.

    Or some fucking thing anyway.

  19. Brian Moore (Wiltshire Constab & UK Border Farce) is truely a cunt…not only is he a copper, but is now trying to be an uber cunt by arresting even when out for a run. Shiny shoes, shiny shoes, everyone wearing ties…oh yes..and he’s a ginga, so you dont even have to hear him speak before knowing he is a cunt.

    Best Regards The Shoe Shiner

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