5 thoughts on “Bob Brown

  1. Bob Brown is a filthy lying cunt, who has an unhealthy relationship with that daughter of Satan Sarah Hanson Young.
    I have heard the she was recently sodemized by Mathew Newton, whilst Bob Brown was sucking off Bert in the back ground, what a nightmare.

  2. Brown is a lying mongrel poofter intent on wrecking this country. He is a cunt of the first order and I’d LOVE to smash this areshole’s face in. Stinking lousy piece of dog shit. I hope he contracts a disease that causes him pain beyond belief and dies in sheer agony. Wouldn’t piss on the guckhead if he was on fire.

  3. Seeing how the Greens are bending over Melbourne Tonight – It’s a fearful reminder that the cunt that built this lunatic party is still free to roam the streets. Perverted Tree Hugging Cunt!

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