4 thoughts on “Andrew Withers

  1. Gordan Ramsay is certainly that but with a yeast infection. He stinks like one!

  2. Andrew “Cunt” Withers. What a devious cunt. Check his LinkedIn profile. For starters anyone with a LinkedIn profile is by definition a 100% CUNT. But this Withers is a double-cunt because in his glittering career timeline there is a gap of 15 years, followed by ’employment’ for 15 months and then another gap of 5 years. Now any cunt that posts his career details on LinkedIn is on an ego trip to start with…but to publicly show gaps of 15 and 5 years tells a story. 15 years sounds like a good stretch following an epic embezzlement, and the 5 years less than two years later shows that old habits do not die away. Being a cunt he will probably start listing ‘mail-bag sewing’ as one of his skills. Well described on various websites as Thief, Crook, Liar, Conman, Sociopath, Bully, Bigot, Manipulator……..so many superlatives for this CUNT that I I run out of space.
    So will just settle for CUNT.

  3. It was reported from Somerset today that Andrew Withers, aka Prime Cunt, has had his greasy collar felt by the guys in blue. This followed complaints to the police of his obnoxious behaviour….apparently he made racist comments and tried to manipulate the police by first complaining to them about what he called harassment by the person he had racially abused.
    He got his just comeuppance and is now under official warning. What a Libertarian! What a CUNT. Spread the glad tidings. Hopefully his gigantic superiority complex will mean that he ignores the warning and ends up in a cell. Would not be the first time.

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