6 thoughts on “Andrew Marr [6]

  1. Jesus Christ, who shags something as ugly as this cunt? Mind you, if she grabs onto them big Vulcan ears, gives her a bit of purchase to drive his face into her minge while keying his credit card details into her personal organiser for later consumption.

  2. Andrew Marr, that long streak of shit, even his mistress and his child doesn’t look to pleased with him, the tight Scots cunt hasn’t even given them a banana and he wants a kiss from them, the cunt

  3. This cunting left wing shitbucket is the embodiment of everything fucking wrong at that toss-hole that is the BBC. If you could make a physical pile of cunting puke that’s spouts out of that London fuckhole it would look like this jug eared bastard. The only time he takes his septic cock out of that Primrose Hill ivory tower is to stick it down the throat of his journalistic friends to facefuck them in to shutting the fuck up about shagging about. Can you imagine this ugly bastards cum face ? I bet it look like an old womans arsehole just before she has a shit.

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