3 thoughts on “Adrian Chiles [2]

  1. Joe dugdale head of HR at the UKBA is a pointy eared goblin lookalike sad fuckwitted cunt.

  2. Adrian Chiles is a cunt and total embarrassment to an already embarrassing England team. A pig ugly cunt who was once vaguely popular on account of people thinking ‘wow, what an ugly cunt, fair play for getting on TV with a boat race like that’ now the CUNTry says no, no more of this ignoramus. Fuck off pugface, stand down. Get either some nice eye candy like Holly Willoughby to do it or a proper football expert like Terry Venables, or even the old half dead cunt Jimmy Hill (Oi Jimmy I nominated you for dead pool, hurry up you selfish chinny reckon cunt!). Yeah Adrian Chiles deserves a good cunting.

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