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  1. I nominate the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) for threatening to take strike action on Nov 5th .. traditionally, their busiest night of the year ..

    They are putting the lives of the public at unnecessary risk for the sake of their own ends ..

    Greedy, selfish, uncaring cunts .. the lot of ’em ..

  2. Seconded the FBU.
    Outdated dinosaur union cunts, do they really want people to burn because they don’t like change – fuck ’em, we’ve all got to change.

  3. Could be a shot in the foot there by the FBU, chaps.

    When I was in the job 40 years ago, there were loads of going jobs on bonfire night.

    With the organised displays that are in place now, there are relatively few fires due to stray fireworks, out-of-control bonfires organised in the back garden with loads of pissed-up relatives and friends in attendance, few fires to garden sheds or the neighbours’ fences.

    The stats will make interesting reading on 6th Nov, and may well be worth a Freedom of Info request to Fire Brigades.

    I doubt that the firemen/firetarts will get much sympathy this time round.

  4. Ref: FBU

    Admittedly I am a suspicious old sod, but I suspect a bit of politically inspired grandstanding here by the union big nobs (they don’t warrant a ‘k’).

    I’m pretty sure that the guys at the sharp end are sensitive to the fact that they are relatively well-paid for what they do (otherwise why would there be a lengthy waiting list to get in?) and certainly compared to the lads in Afghanistan they are featherbedded.

    As usual – lions led by donkeys…

  5. I nominate Lauren Booth for being a greedy, grasping, Muzzie-loving, Islam-converting, jumping-on-the-money & power bandwagon, member of a family of fucking slimy, greedy, grasping fucking cunts, cunt, cunt, fucking cunt, fucking cunting cunt……. CUNT!!!

  6. I agree totally Spidey ..

    She’s definitely East Ham … (one stop from Barking) ..

    Complete mongified fuck-wit …

  7. Spidey – as they say yer abouts, “Er be praper mazed”. In other words mad as a box of frogs.

    Has she made it past page 60 yet, does anyone know? Or bloody care….

  8. Nominate David Cameron as a “we’ll be paying fuck all more to the EUSSR … oh sorry, have 2.9% and look how well I’ve done” cunt.

    Whose fucking money is it anyway? Theirs I suppose. Try asking for a 2.9% pay rise.

  9. Jack Starw is an Ubber opportunistic, flip flopping, unprincipled arse licker of a Cunt.His son is a prick as well.

  10. Ann Diamond has got a big welly top of a fish ridden smelly well used poxed up CUNT, The fat cunt !!!

  11. From HurlingDervish.
    I had to laugh when i saw this fat TVAM Tracy Emin look alike cunt on ‘Celebrity Fat Club’ huffing and puffing ‘cos she’d never done a fuckin’ real days work in her life. Fucking fat love handled Buddah bellied female cunt. Should’ve had those jaws wired up love, or your fat fucking gut stapled! Shriveled cunt! arf.

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