4 thoughts on “Wiggers

  1. And the Black & White Minstrels were banned, for singing “Doo-dah, Doo-dah, Day” ???

  2. Minstrel lyrics;)
    Not a cent,not a cent
    but my clothes they´re only lent
    all the same she´ll just think i´m fine!
    You tube b&w minstrels and laugh like fuck
    Polly waddle do daddle day
    PS thanks haddock

  3. fucking cunt eminem is a faggy little blond shit stabber wigger yank cunt
    with as much talent as a fermenting year old dogturd
    oh yes, (C)rap music is not music, its fucking shite thtas what it is.
    so go and stick it back up your nigger asses you mcdonalds scoffing baggy trousered black cunts

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