Diane Abbot [4]

Diane Abbott is taxi riding, racist, nuclear disarming, ideas above her station,
fat, ugly, squirming on the sofa, eye rolling whenever she tells a lie,
not answering questions, Andrew Neil hating cunt.

Nominated by Dioclese & Captain Haddock

15 thoughts on “Diane Abbot [4]

  1. Seep Blatter is half a cunt. Because at least a cunt has a use.

    No not for not allowing goal line technology, but because he’s well, just a right fucking half-cunt.

    Allow me:

    1. He’s made an agreement with the useless South African government to keep South Africa’s borders open for the duration of the world cup. Like South Africa needs more illegal immigrants to contribute to the crime.

    2. The world cup was supposed to be good for South Africa and South Africans. Why then has he blocked street traders from plying their trade outside stadiums. These are street traders that make money at sporting events normally, well except when the world cup is on.

    3. Via FIFA he’s ensured that he censors the local press, if any journalist that’s been accredited by FIFA writes a negative story about the world cup they lose their accreditation..

    4. He allowed the South African government to invite Bob Moogarbage to the tournament. Note Zimbabwe didn’t qualify. Oh and they allowed him to hold the world cup in his hands. Besides that he was even quoted as saying that the gold was probably African so the world cup is Africas.

    5. Vuvuzelas, he alluded that to ban them would be racist.

    Hope that qualifies him

  2. Independent Opinion They will have got your point 3. from the EU but what is your beef with Seep Blatter, precisely?

    Back on-topic, Dianne Abbott is a Woman Of Colour And Rubbish Cunt who only got nominated by Labour wanking on their own rulebook, garnering the votes of that other cunt who wanted to ‘assasinate’ Maggie and even needed the nomination of one of the other leadership cuntestants to stop Labours Leadership Race being all middle class white blokes.

    I hope she fucking wins, the cunt.

  3. And another thing, the “Diannne Abbbottt, Hackney MP, De First Black Woman In Our History…” vid of Junior School propaganda that Labour pressured Youtube into suppressing is Still available here>

    Banned, Diane Abot, Hackney MP

    I trust that fellow Cunters will forgive this blatent self-promotion.

  4. You couldn’t make it up! A black female MP makes a racist comment about white people and guess what?! There’s no fucking crime! Surprised she didn’t slag off gingers, Tories and men in general at the same time. The fat fried chicken loving cunt would still have nothing to answer for. Why fucking apologise if you’ve done nothing wrong? She hasn’t even got the decency to fucking resign over it. And she fucking looks like the bastard love child of Robert Mugabe and Dawn French! CUNT!!

  5. Agreed, she should be executed in the most painfull manner possible. She really is a cunt of the highest order and a disgusting, vile human being. Although the human bit could be wrong as she looks more like a gorilla!

  6. dispise the cunt beyond measure! Wheres Lee Harvey Oswald when we need him ?That pseudo intellectual cunt Darcus Howe could be her Jack Ruby.

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