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  1. In the words of Daffy Duck the BBC are a bunch of despicable cunts. Unfortunately Daffy could not make it today so I am proxy cunting on his behalf.

  2. Presently the cunt BBC are whoring themselves as a gobpiece for the newly all embracing attack on alcohol and alcohol drinkers.

    I don’t listen to Beeb radio all day because they are crap, and cunts, much preferring the efforts of our local Arts Centre Radio despite all their sub-Marxist bollox but just today I caught the following.

    BBC Radio 4 today 12:20 (‘You and Yours’?) Some NHS mouth poncing on about binge drinking but basing her stats on the false premise that three pints, half a bottle of wine or three G&Ts constitute a “binge”. Next she purrrs
    “But alcohol does has its social benefits so we would not advocate a total ban,
    at this stage” WTF does that mean?
    John from Swindon phoned in to suggest Ration Cards for drinkers while Craig from Kuwait e-mailed to suggest “Personal Alcohol Licenses related to income like wot they got here”

    BBC Radio 2 today News 14:00, final item
    “A man from Sidmouth is in hosptital in Portugal after falling from a hostel balcony. He has back injuries which are not life threatening. He had previously been drinking alcohol”

    Look out for more of this shit from the cunt BBC as they drip drip their propaganda for the cretinous.

    (thats why my children are uneducated chavs)!

  4. The Bishop of Blackburn, who looks like a fucking guest at one of Elton John’s cock sucking soirees is a not practising what he preaches cunt.
    Tells his “flock” not to fly as it damages God’s planet, then the fucker’s jetting off to Turkey to fondle some churches or something. Needs his crook ramming up his arse if you ask me.
    a right reverend cunt

  5. I’d like to see the Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister, to you and me) given a bloody good cunting, please.

    Two reports have come out in Ireland this week, which put the blame for their current financial woes squarely at the door of the previous government. Who is heading the current government?

    The Finance Minister in the previous government, Brian Cowen. A country-bankrupting, spluttering cunt.

    The Irish Grandad will tell you more if you’re not familiar with this: http://www.headrambles.com/2010/06/11/brian-cowen-sc/

  6. Oh yes, and whilst I’m here, I’m going to try something else.

    The new Big Brother contestants will inevitably turn out to be vapid, attention-seeking, headline-grabbing, useless cunts of the highest grade.

    Show me anyone who’ll say in 11 weeks that I’m wrong and I’ll show you a liar.

  7. While I’m at it.

    Am I paying for Emmanuel Abadeyor to be a fucking “Pundit” on the cunting BBC’s coverage of the world cup?

    I know the cunt’s from Togo, but the cunt CANNOT speak English. A bit like those other two “Pundits”, Alan Hansen and that Alan Shearer.

    BBC World Cup Pundits – CUNTS, the lot of ’em, darkies, or not.

  8. I nominate :

    Catherine Zeta Jones is an untalented cunt with big teeth and tits, and a CBE for servicing Michael Douglas

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