3 thoughts on “Mehdi Hasan

  1. wat a cunt the muslum suicide bombing inbred wishy wash sister fuckin cunt hate the cunts and his cuntin family which is 70 % of the country wat a bunch of cunts

  2. Mehdi Hasain IS a cunt, but not because he is “Christian-hating”.

    Religious people are the problem, all of the them… either propping up or promoting belief in nonsense, becasue of their inabiltiy to think critically or rationally about the world in which we live.

    This prick just implied (on Question Time) that Islamic terrorism wasn’t underpinned by religious ideology… what a fuckhead.

    Hasan is delusional, moronic and an utter, utter cunt.

  3. An fucking islamic nut job inbred cowardly sister-shagging rapist-loving paedo-defending treacherous ugly bollock-brained cunt.

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