Painter Decorators

Painter / Decorators are lying, thieving, rip-off merchant,
bellend, cock-sniffing, parasitic, lazy, useless,
on the run from the Police, signed on as unemployed
but still making shitloads more than everyone else in sight,
taking the piss, deliberately misquoting, twisting and deceiving,
screwing everything up, housewrecking, lowlife, moneygrabbing,
need to be boiled alive in their own bastard fat and
melted down to make cheap soap, fucking cunts.

That is all.

Nominated by AllSeeingEye

7 thoughts on “Painter Decorators

  1. Apologies for keeping you so busy, AllSeeingEye and G.O.T., but I’m full of nominations today. My latest choice?

    Frankie Boyle. Without a doubt, this man is a complete and utter cunt. The latest group of people he’s offended are people with Down’s Syndrome.

    Just when you think the cunt couldn’t be any more offensive, he goes and proves me wrong.

  2. You didn’t leave them alone in your house did you? Painters and decorators don’t have a dinner hour they have a root through your bedroom drawers hour, the cunts.

    I’d like to counter-cunt the honourable gentlemans attempted Frankie Boyle cunting with a cunting of the woman who complained about him.
    He makes jokes about loads of disabilities so if she find his jokes funny enough to buy a ticket to his show then it’s a tad hypocritical to moan when the humour strikes close to home.

    You are spot on mate lmao
    bedside cabinet dildos and oil
    under the bed or ontop of the wardrobe pornos!
    But remember eat your sandwiches first!
    And if you are lucky you can use thier bath and go down the pub after!
    When working on multi-storeys get there before daylight with a set of binoculars

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