3 thoughts on “Nick Hogan

  1. Not to be confused with Nick Hogan, the pub landlord jailed by Labour’s minions for allowing his punters to have a smoke-in after the bansturbating Labour cunts struck!

  2. Yes, well the landlord’s dad isn’t Hulk Hogan, which makes the pub bloke less scary than this tosser. If Marvo meant the other one then sorry, I was a twat and got it wrong, but I dunno why you’d cunt a bloke who stood up for freedom against Gordooms anti-freedom stormtroopers?

    Regardless, this guy is still a cunt.

  3. I would like to cunt the bloke who stood up for freedom against Gordoom’s anti-freedom stormtroopers because to be a cunt is not always a bad thing.

    I am a self-confessed cunt.

    Still, this other cunt is a cunt who IS a bad thing.

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