15 thoughts on “Amy Winehouse [3]

  1. She needs a fucking good scrub with Dettol and a wire brush, hosed down with Domestos and then soaking in a bath for a couple of days, scuzzy old slapper!

  2. Now that the Formula 1 season is about to start I would like to nominate Fernando Alonso as a hard faced cheating lying fucking dago cunt.

  3. Edward Leigh MP is a fucking cunt. He’s a brain dead mawk-juggler, an insult to every intelligent life-form on the planet. Faster Pussycats! Kill! Kill!

  4. I have just bought a Mac (an electronical computer thing, not a burger), and after only a couple of hours have realised what a cunt Bill Gates is.

    I don’t believe he’s been cunted yet.

  5. Amy Whining Bint has eventually done something good – she’s killed herself the horse faced slap crack whore CUNT

  6. From HurlingDervish.
    Oooh yes matron! Bill Gates for nomination.
    A cybercunt and fucking machiavellian proportioned cunt if ever there was one…

  7. The best release Amy Wankhouse made wsa her bodily fluids as she took her terminal breath.

  8. For all the post-croaking revisionism and rose tinted shite (she wasn’t even that great a singer), it must not be forgotten that Winehouse (like that other deceased ‘modern celebrity’ Jade Goody) was a total cunt…. Smacked up to her tits, and playing with live animals (mice) like kiddies toys being just one instance… Definitely a cunt…

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