5 thoughts on “Bryan Ferry

  1. From HurlingDervish
    …Yep, like two peas in a cuntpod. However the old man really has to take the biscuit for being a fucking cunting useless singer who was once in some shit fucking band who also made terrible cuntish songs sung in the mother tongue of cunt. I’d prefer to call Ferry a ‘sebaceous’ ‘porous’ or a just plain slug like mucus trail of a cuntish cunt through and through.

  2. What a greasy, squint eyed, slimy, ‘was only ever average but thinks he’s great because he’s old’, droning cunt. You’re not fucking sexy, or fucking cool, you can’t fucking sing, your fucking songs are fucking dated, so just fucking fuck off – cunt.

  3. Sorry, I’ve got to add to the cuntification of this fucking greaseball – you know the globs of fat that congeal on top of a lamb casserole? That’s right, the ones you have to skim off and discard…..that’s him, that is. Cunt.

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