11 thoughts on “Gok Wan

  1. I’m unclear why someone who wants to defend us against hordes of invading foreigners would pick a name associated with…a horde of invading foreigners. Maybe it’s deliberately ironic and I’ve just missed it.

    Anyway, apart from a brief Google and finding two dead blogs I don’t know anything about this centurion. Could you expand on your request for Cunting?

  2. I should now like to nominiate not only Joy Behar but rather the entire cast of cunt bitches from The View. What an absolute piece of SHIT TV show, as well as 5 of the 10 biggest cunts in all of the US collected in one single place….

  3. His name is an anagram of Go Wank.

    If only he put totty worth knocking one off to on his show.


  4. Stupid, ugly, attention-seeking queer. This is why I don’t ever turn the TV on. Cunt.

  5. Fucking Gok the gook. Shame the yanks didn’t drop napalm on the cunts parents during the Korean war, or is it the Vietnam war. I can’t fucking tell because those cunts look the fucking same.

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