11 thoughts on “Sharon Shoesmith [2]

  1. Shoesmith is THE biggest cunt of all.To say that SHE is the victim and deserves compensation,disgusts me BEYOND words.I hate this fucking useless bitch.She represents EVERYTHING that is wrong with social services in this country.

  2. Sharon ‘Cunt’ Shoesmiths claim for compensation for unfair dismissal is perhaps right in that ” correct procedures ” were probably not followed in her ousting for utter incompetance but if the slippery old cunt had any decency or shame she would shut the fuck up and apply herself to charitable work 4Evr in the hope that, one day, some members of the public might forgive her.

    Even The Sisters are outraged that she is trying to hide behind ” sexual discrimination ” when they know as well as we that she is just a self-serving Righteous cunt of the first order.

    Sharon, why do you think that even, or especially, X-members of your staff delight in your cuntification ? Because they hate you for being a bullying NuLabour Old Facist type bully-cunt. That’s why. Now shut the fuckety fuck up and fuck off before we just kill you, cunt.
    Fuck me, you even managed to bring self-righteous Socialism into disrepute. No wonder they fucking hate you too, you cunt.
    Got Kids sharon ? Sell them to some Albanians, they’ll be better off; got a husband ? Let him go too, he’ll be pleased, honest.

  3. The comment by Banned above should be nominated for a special “Is A Cunt” award, for summing up what we all feel. Well done, sir!

  4. Unfortunately, Banned, now the fuckers got two and a half million quid to fall back on, I susect her husband will be sticking around to help her spend it, the bitch.

    I already nominated the bitch for a good burning on Unforgiven and put a picture of her having a good smirk outside the courts earlier in the month on my own blog.

    If ever there was a justification for the return of hanging, it’s this shameless cow!

    If prefer looters to this sod!

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