9 thoughts on “Lord Stern

  1. Failed economist and fake ‘lord’ Stern is a mendacious “everybody-listen-to-me” attention seeking cunt who published his shit three years ago to critical abuse.

    Eat your Dog And Then Become A Smelly Time Consuming Vegan Bore ” might not win the Climate Crunchists many friends but you can still Fuck Right Off, cunt.

  2. GoT, can we please have: DAVID MONKS, chief executive of Huntingdonshire council & chairman of the Society of Local Authorities & Senior Managers’ Electoral Matters Panel who, when discussing cutting costs of elections said:

    “The democratic process can not be treated as sacrosanct”.

    There’s a picture of the nasty twat here http://www.hse.gov.uk/risk/signeduplas.htm

    Excuse my language but who the hell does this ‘cunting cuntitude of a cunt’ think he is? He wants hounding out of office, in fact the twat deserves a video all to himself.

  3. Arrrgh !!!!!!!

    Got to nominate Seb Coe.

    Smug, self-promoting, head-up-the-beebs-arse, ZaNu teat-sucking, Olympic-bid-milking CUNT.

  4. Dark Lochnagar, Tweed successfully Cunted McNulty four days ago, so even for a cunt of his magnitude a weeks breathing space is needed. Otherwise this blog would turn into the Gordon Brown Show!

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